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25 Lat Niewinnosci25 Lat Niewinnosci

A story about the life of a young man wrongly sentenced to 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Iron Man (2014)Iron Man (2014)

Joo Hong Bin, the CEO of a game company, has got everything. He is capable, rich and even good-looking! However, this perfect guy lacks in one thing. He is so ill-tempered! The worst guy on the planet! One day, this supercilious guy turns into a monster. When it rains, he becomes furious and some blades are coming out from his body. Moreover, Se Dong, a woman with a bright personality and Chang, his first love's son appear making him confused... This drama is about a love story between a man whose anger and pain become swords that shoot out from his body and a warm hearted woman who overly cares about others. She slowly heals his painful heart and turns him into a real grown man.

Gran OportunidadGran Oportunidad
Telemundo, 2017 | Comedy, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Gran Oportunidad (The Great Opportunity) hosted by Raul González, is a competition show in which talent and good humor are the keys to success. Each Sunday, several contestants with unique talent will have the opportunity to impress the judges, become the best of the night and win thousands of dollars. The best contestants of the season will participate in the grand finale in which the winner will take home a cash prize.

Marry Me, Marry My FamilyMarry Me, Marry My Family

Explore the chaotic and colourful road to intercultural relationships. Six couples try to straddle the gulf between cultures and the gap between their parents' relationships and their own dreams.

The Botany of DesireThe Botany of Desire
PBS, 2009 | Documentary

"The Botany of Desire" is Mr. Pollan's first book to be adapted for television - and, he says, his favorite of all his works. The two-hour documentary follows the book's conceit: It takes the plants' point of view in exploring whether they control humans to ensure their survival.

Your Room or Mine?Your Room or Mine?

Four teams make over each other's homes to see who has the best taste in interior design.

The WillThe Will

The Will is an American reality television series on CBS. It centered on the "Benefactor", a multi-millionaire from Arizona named Bill Long. Ten of his friends and relatives competed in a series of challenges to win the right to inherit his "prized possession", a huge Kansas ranch.

Nearly DepartedNearly Departed
NBC, 1989 | Comedy, Fantasy

Nearly Departed is an American sitcom that aired on NBC on Monday nights from April 10, 1989 to May 1, 1989. It was an updated version of Topper.

Hidden IdentityHidden Identity

Investigation 5 is a new undercover united specialized in fighting dangerous and violent crimes. A team of young and experienced officers under command by Superintendent Jang Moon Won are tasked to infiltrate dangerous crime syndicates with new identities. No back up, but only their wits and poker faces to their disposal, they have to fight crime and complete their missions without revealing their cover.

The People's NewsThe People's News

The People's News is a new 10-part series, covering news, events and gossip - not through the official bulletins and newsreels; but through the views and reactions of Scottish people who take to their cameras to discuss this week's burning issues. Over half an hour, this fast-moving, modern and funny opinion show allows ordinary Scots from every demographic and corner of the country to set the agenda and speak their minds - putting the nation and the wider world to rights direct from their kitchen, gym or farm.