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Casino ConfidentialCasino Confidential

The new series "Casino Confidential" filmed at Binion's Downtown will be a "high-octane, no-hold's-barred" docu-soap rather than regular reality TV programming. They say it will expose extraordinary events and crazy characters as told from the perspective of Binion's staff. TLC says viewers can expect to watch unruly high rollers, all-night partygoers and bachelor parties gone rogue.

One the WomanOne the Woman

Tells the story of a tough and rogue female detective, who one day loses all of her memories and changes places with a conservative housewife who looks just like her.

Pittsburgh DadPittsburgh Dad
YouTube, 2011 | Comedy

This is an online series of short films featuring the observations of a "blue-collar" father from Pittsburgh who speaks with a thick Pittsburghese dialect.

The PackageThe Package

A group of travelers go on a package tour together in France, led by tour guide Yoon So So.

Acting OutActing Out
MTV, 2016 | Comedy

Established and up-and-coming comedians see their stand-up routines acted out.

What'Cha GotWhat'Cha Got

This series profiles sports and entertainment personalities and their automotive character.

Wir sind KaiserWir sind Kaiser

Robert Palfrader plays Empereor Robert Heinrich I. of Austria, He's supported by his chamberlain Seyffenstein (Rudi Roubinek - he's also the main writer of the show) and his servant Vormärz (FM4-host Rudi Schöllerbacher).

Wischen ist MachtWischen ist Macht
ORF 1, 2020 | Comedy

The show follows Michelle Sendracek with her daily struggles as head of a small cleaning company.

Amore CriminaleAmore Criminale

True stories of women who were victims of male violence. Women who, believing they have found love, instead, met their death. "Amore Criminale" tells us their stories through reconstructions, documentary material and direct testimonies.

The Broker's ManThe Broker's Man

In the corrupt world of insurance fraud, the truth is a dangerous thing to find... Kevin Whately (Peak Practice, Inspector Morse) stars as Jimmy Griffin, insurance fraud investigator, in this action packed series. From the same production team behind the ITV1 hit drama series Midsomer Murders and Ultimate Force.