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Boat BuyersBoat Buyers

Life is better on a boat! Follow couples and families as they go on a wild hunt for their dream boat, exploring new destinations and all the fun activities that can be accessed by water. Along the way, buyers learn what boat features they can't live without before they ultimately decide to make this life-changing purchase see it all unfold on Boat Buyers.

Beauty and the BallerBeauty and the Baller
Centric, 2017 | Comedy, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Based on the web comedy series "Who...", "Beauty and the Baller" is a single-camera TV comedy series about a pro athlete, his hot wife and what their life is like off of the court.

An Unsuitable Job for a WomanAn Unsuitable Job for a Woman

The novels by P D James on which An Unsuitable Job for a Woman is based are An Unsuitable Job for a Woman [1972] and The Skull Beneath the Skin [1982]. Helen Baxendale (Friends) returns to MYSTERY! as the pensive, now pregnant private eye in an encore presentation of Series 1 and 2 of An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, the umbrella title for four multi-part dramas - Sacrifice, A Last Embrace, Living on Risk and Playing God.

Fighting TunaFighting Tuna

Four captains vie for these high stakes fish using boats only a third the size of Bering Sea trawlers. Tossed by high waves and rough weather, they face down the world's most powerful fish, an adversary capable of highway speeds. The payoff? A single fish can sell for $10,000. It's the biggest prize in the sea - Giant Bluefin Tuna. Weighing in between 320 and 1,500 pounds, these behemoths are the most expensive fish in the world, their price driven up by Japanese demand for sushi. The largest tuna swim north to the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean where they're caught the old-fashioned way: with rod and reel.

Grenzeloos VerliefdGrenzeloos Verliefd
NET 5, 2008 | Reality

In Grenzeloos Verliefd brave Dutch people emigrate to their love abroad.

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 3: The Real Untold Story of Josephine BrackenAng Babae sa Septic Tank 3: The Real Untold Story of Josephine Bracken

Watch as Eugene Domingo comes full circle as she completes the saga in this third installment of Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank. Witness her in a new light as she tells the real untold story of Josephine Bracken in this iWant original series.

Fireman SamFireman Sam

Follow the adventures of fireman Sam and his colleagues as they protect the citizens of the Welsh town of Pontypandy. Whenever the alarm sounds, brave Sam and his co-workers can be counted on to jump into a fire engine, hop onto a helicopter, or even launch an inflatable lifeboat to battle blazes, mount rescue missions, or provide medical attention to those in need.

Der wilde GärtnerDer wilde Gärtner
ORF 1, 2011 | Comedy, Housing/Building, Reality
Rating: 5/5

Anyone who thinks of "Der wilde Gärtner" as a typical gardening magazine is mistaken. Because this service show with sitcom character is a gardening guide of a special kind. Based on the viewer's own garden, it aims to awaken a love of the garden as a habitat and of nature in general in a witty and provocative way, and to raise awareness of the need to treat our planet with respect. For all plant lovers, gardeners and those who want to become one, there are also easy-to-implement tips and tricks that are intended to show alternatives to the common knowledge offered by the countless gardening books.

Rickety RocketRickety Rocket

This was a segment on the "Plastic Man Comedy / Adventure Hour." It was about a detective agency run by four teenagers and their makeshift rocket, similar to Speed Buggy.

The Harvey Korman ShowThe Harvey Korman Show
ABC, 1978 | Comedy

After a long and successful run as a supporting player on CBS's The Carol Burnett Show from 1967 to 1977, Harvey Korman was offered a contract by ABC to headline his own television series. The Harvey Korman Show follows the the misadventures of Harvey A. Kavanaugh, an egotistical, self-centered out-of-work actor who operates an acting class from his home that he shares with his level-headed daughter Maggie (Christine Lahti), who works at the Friendly Community Bank.