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The Farmer's DaughterThe Farmer's Daughter
ABC, 1963 | Comedy

A series about a woman who sought a government job teaching children in the Congo. She contacts her Congressman for help. She barges her way in to see him. He's initially perturbed, but notices how well she interacted with his children. As a widower he needed help to raise the kids and hires her. Her "common-folk" outlook at issues become a great help to the Congressman. The series was based on the 1948 movie of the same name that starred Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten. Inger Stevens and William Windom played the the televised versions of the roles originated on the big screen by Young and Cotten.

De Club van SinterklaasDe Club van Sinterklaas

A Dutch holiday series for children following the adventures of Saint Nick.

Please Love MePlease Love Me
Mango TV, 2019 | Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

A popular idol and a manicurist fall into a romance with an expiration date when they have to pretend to be married.

Kamp WaesKamp Waes

Reality show in which Tom Waes picks 15 normal men and women to follow the Qualification Camp of the real Belgian Special Forces. How many, if any, will be allowed to join Belgium's most elite army division?

Colonial HouseColonial House
PBS, 2004 | Reality

Colonial House is PBS's answer to reality television. Over the course of five months, "settlers" are forced to adapt to life as it was in the year 1628, on a desolate stretch of coastal Maine. As the group strains to establish a working colony with only the equipment and knowledge of the time period, viewers get a glimpse at life as the Pilgrims experienced it. It's like a living slice of history!

Running GirlsRunning Girls
Mnet, 2020 | Sports, Reality

"Running Girls" is a reality program in which female K-pop idols in their twenties join a "running crew" to seek out beautiful natural running courses in South Korea. The show follows a new trend called "run-trips," where people travel for the sake of finding new and beautiful places to go running.

The Real McCoyThe Real McCoy
BBC Two, 1991 | Comedy

The Real McCoy was a groundbreaking sketch show featuring prominent British black and asian talent. Sketches included Misery's West Indian Restaurant, Dr. Who dubbed for Jamaica, Douglas the Roots Culture Lawyer and many more.

De Jongens tegen de MeisjesDe Jongens tegen de Meisjes

In every episode a team of boys and a team of girls face each other in divert challenges.

Pet TalkPet Talk
Nat Geo Wild, 2016 | Talk Shows
Rating: 5/5

Pet Talk is the one and only talk show that answers all of your pet questions from health to grooming to behavior issues for your furry, feathered, or scaled friends.