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Renovation NationRenovation Nation

The green home building movement is unfolding in real time on each hour-long, information-packed episode of Renovation Nation, which answers the burning questions that every homeowner in America has about going green.

Echt FettEcht Fett

Echt fett is an Austrian hidden camera television series. As in Just for Laughs: Gags and Trigger Happy TV, it shows clips of how unsuspecting subjects are brought into unusual situations by actors while being filmed with a hidden camera. A typical clip is filmed on the streets, or in a shopping mall. The comedic situations produced by the actors and the reactions of the unknowingly fooled are to entertain viewers. It was broadcast between 2003 and 2007.

Online, in development | Family, Talk Shows, News

Mike Huckabee's uplifting talk show full of current events and interesting guests with a dash of comedy.

Grandpa In My PocketGrandpa In My Pocket

Grandpa lives with his family in a beautiful seaside town called Sunnysands. Everyone thinks he spends all his time stuck in his armchair, but he has a magic shrinking cap which only his grandson, Jason, knows about. When Grandpa puts his cap on, he becomes small enough to fit into Jason's pocket, not to mention his toy plane and car. Grandpa is playful and mischievous but always a force for good. He turns up in all sorts of unlikely places and creates comic mayhem which Jason has to sort out. Together, Grandpa and Jason make a great team and have a host of hilarious adventures.

Chumel con Chumel TorresChumel con Chumel Torres

Chumel tackles controversial issues-the legalization of marijuana, homophobia and feminism, among others-using his style of political satire to tell us his opinions about the state of current affairs.

NPO 1, 2013 | Variety

Consumer program with up-to-date reports, tests and individual problems.

Der Urbino-KrimiDer Urbino-Krimi

The crime series takes place in picturesque Urbino: Roberto Rossi leads an actually peaceful life as a small town policeman, but mysterious murders turn his life upside down.

Willkommen ÖsterreichWillkommen Österreich

An Austrian late-night talk show, hosted by Sterman & Grissemann.

Acting OutActing Out
MTV, 2016 | Comedy

Established and up-and-coming comedians see their stand-up routines acted out.