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Kimchi ChroniclesKimchi Chronicles
PBS, 2011 | Documentary

Kimchi Chronicles is part travelogue, part food fantasy and part documentary of self-discovery. Korean-born Marja Vongerichten and her husband, chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, explore Korean food and culture through Marja's unique perspective. They are joined by neighbors Hugh and Deb Jackman and Marja's friend Heather Graham.

La última horaLa última hora

Rodion, an enigmatic and mysterious character receives orders to eliminate the lives of certain people. Your task will then be to get in touch with the story of the victim who is about to live the last hour.

Set For the Rest of Your LifeSet For the Rest of Your Life

This thrilling, tension-fraught new game show gives contestants the chance to be "set for life." Each contestant must engage in two separate battles: one to determine the amount of a monthly check, the next to determine how long he or she will continue to receive that check.

Kiwi LivingKiwi Living

Hosts Miriama Kamo and renowned chef Michael Van de Elzan, joined by the Kiwi Living, team will share practical tips inspiring you to try something new and make the most of your weekend. We present the best of New Zealand's food, travel, living spaces, health and well-being, fashion and the outdoors.

screenPLAY (2017)screenPLAY (2017)

Join Steph and Nich as they cover the latest games, gaming news, controversies and conventions! From first looks at upcoming games, developer interviews, chaotic multiplayer sessions, pop culture events to a comprehensive look at the week in eSports.

Masters de la ReformaMasters de la Reforma

Masters of the reform is a talent show in which ten couples with some bond (friends, family, sentimental couples ...) compete in order to be the best amateur interior designers of the country. For this, they perform a series of tests both on the set and in external locations, spread throughout the Spanish geography. In each test, couples must reform any type of residence or location according to a theme, which changes with each challenge. Then, the jury assesses both the process and the result and chooses the couple that has to leave the contest, thus deciding which duo is the winner in the final gala.

Summer Olympics Tokyo 2020Summer Olympics Tokyo 2020
Other, 2021 | Sports

The Games of the XXXII Olympiad, hosted in Toyko, Japan.

Earth ShocksEarth Shocks

Earth Shocks investigate the natural phenomena that have shaped our planet's past and forecast the future to show how potential recurrences of these events would impact our world. Prepare to be amazed at how the planet was struck with floods, mega-tsunamis, and meteor strikes thousands of years ago. Using a unique mix of live action, 3D CGI, and fun experiments, each episode brings scientific theories to life. Earth Shocks is a high-energy, fast-paced, science and natural history series that reveals new facts about our planet.

Awake (2019)Awake (2019)
Other, 2019 | Drama

After 12 years of being in a coma, young Dana Nasser finds herself in a different world where everything has changed around her and she has to adapt to advanced technology and social networking sites.

Der Tel-Aviv-KrimiDer Tel-Aviv-Krimi

Berlin criminal investigator Sara Stein cultivates a low-key style. No superwoman, she abhors violence and relies on her gift for convincing others that she's trustworthy. Above all, she enjoys working in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Her being Jewish is a major asset, since she can navigate sure-footedly through the morass of explosive and impenetrable conflicts among Jews, Arabs and Palestinians. Sara's a team worker, whether she and her colleagues are working on the case of a murdered woman DJ in Berlin or that of a manslaughter out of compassion in Tel Aviv. Though she falls in love with the Israeli pianist David, she is fiercely independent and reluctant to commit herself. She lives for her cases and, beyond this, for a dream of peace in her beloved Israel.