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Chumel con Chumel TorresChumel con Chumel Torres

Chumel tackles controversial issues-the legalization of marijuana, homophobia and feminism, among others-using his style of political satire to tell us his opinions about the state of current affairs.

NPO 1, 2013 | Variety

Consumer program with up-to-date reports, tests and individual problems.

Der Urbino-KrimiDer Urbino-Krimi

The crime series takes place in picturesque Urbino: Roberto Rossi leads an actually peaceful life as a small town policeman, but mysterious murders turn his life upside down.

Willkommen ÖsterreichWillkommen Österreich

An Austrian late-night talk show, hosted by Sterman & Grissemann.

Acting OutActing Out
MTV, 2016 | Comedy

Established and up-and-coming comedians see their stand-up routines acted out.

Andere TijdenAndere Tijden

Andere Tijden (English: Other Times) is a history programme on Dutch television of the NTR and VPRO. There is also a version of the programme called Andere Tijden Sport which shows programmes about sports history.

Studio SportStudio Sport
NPO 1, 2013 | Sports

A Dutch sport show.

The Generation GameThe Generation Game

Making a fool of the contestants as they try to copy professionals who have strange jobs. To win some prizes the contestants play for points until there is a winner. They then watch prizes go by on a conveyor belt past where they are sat,and if they can remember any of them when asked they win those prizes.

Your Face Sounds Familiar (BG)Your Face Sounds Familiar (BG)
NovaTV, 2013 | Music, Reality

Your Face Sounds Familiar is a talent competition where a group of well known personalities take on a new identity as an iconic music performer. Every week, the celebrities find out who they have to impersonate by simply pressing a buzzer. But the catch is they could find themselves transformed into someone far older, younger or even of the opposite sex. A panel of judges and competing celebrities award points based on singing, style and believability. There are no eliminations. The scores are tallied in each show, ranking the contestants from first to last. After each performance, the celebrities must press the buzzer again to find out who they will impersonate the following week. Towards the end, only the four celebrities who accumulated the most points throughout the show qualify for the series final. After their very last performance, the celebrity with the most points receives the top cash prize for a charity of their choice.

ORF 1, 1996 | Comedy, Crime

A Spin-Off of "Kommissar Rex", this show is about Rex' former colleague Stockinger investigating strange murders in the Salzburger Land.