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Va Por TiVa Por Ti

A musical reality competition where three of Latin music's biggest stars each choose and coach a team of aspiring singers. Celebrity judges will evaluate the performance of the singers, but in the end, only ONE will win the big prize-a recording contract, cash prize and the opportunity to become the newest Latin singing sensation. Each week, viewers vote to save their favorites.

The Big PictureThe Big Picture
ABC, 1961 | Documentary

The Big Picture is an American documentary television program which aired on ABC-TV from 1951 to 1964. The series consisted of documentary films produced by the United States Army Signal Corps Army Pictorial Service, showing weaponry, battles, and biographies of famous soldiers.

Bauer sucht FrauBauer sucht Frau

Single lovelorn farmers looking to find a mate. Potential partners must live on the farms of their suitors for five days taking on the challenges of modern farm life and finding out if love can blossom in the barnyards and pigsties of rural Germany.

Papiny DochkiPapiny Dochki

Daddy's Daughters or "Papiny Dochki" is a popular Russian Sitcom that follows the life of a single dad who is doing his best to survive and take care of his five daughters.The show is absolutely hilarious and considered a classic in the aspect of comedy.


In the beginning, Horus the falcon god of light and Set the god of evil fought to control Egypt. The council of the Gods decided, Set was sent to exile and Horus became the first pharaoh of Egypt. For two thousand years, pharaoh succeeded pharaoh. But Set had plotted his revenge, and deep inside his sinister black pyramid of Ombos, Set imprisoned Horus in a magic sarcophagus. From then on, and no longer protected by the god Horus, Egypt was at the mercy of Set and his servant Aker. So the gods chose Papyrus, a young fisherman who must find the secret entrance to Ombos, free the god Horus and restore peace to Egypt.

Lea - Un nuovo giornoLea - Un nuovo giorno
RaiUno, 2022 | Drama

Lea, a pediatric nurse at the Ferrara hospital, had a stillborn child, and she will no longer be able to be a mother. The tragedy caused the end of her marriage, but she also strengthened her natural empathy towards children: she Lea she gives to the children of others the love that she will not be able to give to her own. Returning to work after a long period of leave, she Lea becomes indispensable for the little patients of the ward, from the clinical point of view but above all from the human one. Lea will have to deal with her ex-husband Marco, head of Pediatrics, and with her ex-friend Anna, a gynecologist at the hospital and Marco's new partner. But Lea's future could have the appearance of Arturo, a fascinating musician and father of one of her patients, with whom a special relationship is born.

East Mode with Nigel NgEast Mode with Nigel Ng

Comedians Nigel Ng and Evelyn Mok write and perform in this mischievous comedy sketch show, delivering a playful and utterly unique lens in to the world right now.

On The Road With Austin & SantinoOn The Road With Austin & Santino

Join Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice as they design one of a kind looks for small town women as they celebrate birthday parties, bachelorette parties and graduations. Not only will the designers clash with their designs but they will have to face demanding clients.

The Dressing RoomThe Dressing Room

Fixed-rig series The Dressing Room delves into the world of amateur weekend sport and goes into the dressing rooms across the country, exploring all of the off-field drama and focusing on dynamic characters with fascinating lives. The series focusses on a cast of women's teams, mixed teams and men's teams, from football to roller derby to water polo.

Gal PalsGal Pals
YouTube, 2017 | Comedy

Gal Pals is a comedy about the interwoven lives of a group of wlw (women loving women) living in Los Angeles...created by wlw living in Los Angeles. It's The L Word for the Broad City generation.