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Newlyweds: Nick and JessicaNewlyweds: Nick and Jessica
MTV, 2003 | Romance, Reality

Newlyweds follows the always interesting, and sometimes funny, newly married Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Don't miss the parties, the performing, the love, and of course, the 'Jessica Moments' as Nick and Jess put their celebrity marriage on display in Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

Star DarlingsStar Darlings

As far back as anyone can remember, Starlings have granted wishes for Earthlings. But when an evil force suddenly threatens Starland, twelve Star-Charmed girls are sent on the most magical adventures of their THE STAR DARLINGS! Our Starlings believe in making wishes from the heart, dreaming big and embracing your inner star, because anything is possible! Wish upon your Star!

Redders Op ZeeRedders Op Zee
EO, 2022 | Documentary

What is it like to do life-saving work, sometimes at the risk of your own life? The volunteers at the Royal Dutch Rescue Society, or KNRM, sail out at night and brave the biggest storms to help people in need.

ITV, 2011 | Documentary

A brand new documentary strand comes to ITV1, bringing together powerful stories and a unique insight into various subjects from a range of individual sources. Perspectives encompasses single factual films from a variety of film-makers and, on occasion, presenters, who delve deeper into the stories they are passionate about.

The DL ChroniclesThe DL Chronicles
here!, 2007 | Drama, Romance

Writer/directors Quincy Near and Deondray Gossett bring their film experience to the small screen in this series about men of color who lead double sexual lives. Each episode follows the stories of different African American men as they engage in secret sexual activity with other men. "DL" stands for the slang phrase "down low," the term used to describe the covert nature of their gay/bisexual activities.

Talk SoupTalk Soup

This Emmy-winning show about talk shows serves up a wickedly funny, fast-paced smorgasbord of the most titillating - and tasteless - segments from talk TV as the host introduces each clip. The show also features original comedy sketches, usually based around a clip that is shown on that episode.

The China MissionThe China Mission

The often forgotten story of Irish missionaries in China between 1920 and 1954, at times of political chaos, famine, floods and war. A short multilingual series looking at four decades of Irish catholic missionary activity in China. From 1920 to 1954, hundreds of Irish men and women served as Roman Catholic missionaries working in social, pastoral and disaster relief services at an extraordinarily turbulent but fascinating period of Chinese history.

Magnificent ObsessionsMagnificent Obsessions

A truly magnificent series profiling people who have turned their everyday interests into a passion that drives their lives. For these individuals, it's not about hobbies, it's about a lifestyle. From Demolition Derby and Pyrotechnics to Folk Art and Tattoos, this series has something for everyone!

Points of ViewPoints of View

Jeremy Vine puts programme makers in the hot seat to respond to viewer complaints.

ITV, 1983 | Drama, Crime

"Facing life alone...they turned to crime together". Three armed robbers - Harry Rawlins, Terry Miller and Joe Pirelli - are killed during an armed robbery. They are survived by their widows, Dolly Rawlins (Ann Mitchell), Shirley Miller (Fiona Hendley) and Linda Pirelli (Maureen O'Farrell). With the police applying pressure, and a rival gang intending to take over Harry Rawlins' crime business, the widows turn to Dolly for leadership.