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Alaska & MarioAlaska & Mario

A Spanish reality show based on the daily life of Alaska and her husband Mario Vaquerizo.

Starke ManStarke Man
SVT, 2010 | Comedy

The comedy series Starke Man (Strong Man) is created by Anders Jansson and Wiktor Ericsson. The series was voted best comedy series in Komedikväll and thirteen episodes were shot in Gothenburg and Skåne during the spring and summer of 2010. The series is produced by Anagram Produktion AB and directed by Nicolas Kolovos, Manuel Concha and Andreas Lindergård.

The Jim Rose Twisted TourThe Jim Rose Twisted Tour

Take a look inside the brave, yet bizarre, world of extreme performance with The Jim Rose Twisted Tour. Peopled with unique human beings who are imbued with warped talents, ringleader Jim Rose and his eccentric troupe, the Jim Rose Circus, traverse the USA and reveal the ups and downs of touring on the road in this off the wall reality TV series.

City GuysCity Guys
NBC, 1997 | Comedy

Manhattan High School students Jamal Grant and Chris Anderson try to make it through life while avoiding the ire of their principal Karen Noble.

Kodenavn HunterKodenavn Hunter

Kodenavn Hunter is a realistic hardcore Norwegian crime drama that shows a secret side of police work. Moreover, it offers a love story you will never forget.

Die DetektiveDie Detektive
ORF 1, 2014 | Drama, Crime
Rating: 4/5

Two men who couldn't be more different: one a proper accountant, the other a happy hippie child. And yet they are brothers - half-brothers, to be precise. Half-brothers who not only find out about each other after the sudden death of their father, but also take over his detective agency from one day to the next and discover that life is simply not a children's birthday party.

Spicy GirlSpicy Girl

A Love-Comedy Donghua. The romance is between an actress, Su Xiao, and an actor, Xiao Jan.

Cold Water CaptainsCold Water Captains

This show ventures hundreds of miles offshore in the perilous North Atlantic with six fishing crews, facing swells as tall as houses and icebergs the size of small cities. It's a dangerous job with countless challenges and ferocious weather - all of which are tough on the boats, tough on gear, tough on the human body.

Me and the BoysMe and the Boys
ABC, 1994 | Comedy

Gentle, family-oriented tale about a widower raising three sons, with help from his mother-in-law, while running a video store.