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Bunny MaloneyBunny Maloney

Bunny Maloney is a 2009 French computer-animated television series created by Studio Tanuki, directed by Stéphane Stoll and produced by Maia Tubiana. The series chronicles the adventures of a pink anthropomorphic rabbit named Bunny Maloney and his friends.

Lekker SlimLekker Slim

In Lekker Slim a hundred male candidates have to estimate which answer women have given to a question.

The RacoonsThe Racoons

The adventures of a family of Raccoons and their friends.


Spreewald Krimi is a German television crime series by ZDF.

Oh Oh ChersoOh Oh Cherso
RTL 4, 2010 | Reality
Rating: 4/5

Eight unique and typical Hagenezen swap their beloved Hague, for the Greek resort of Chersonissos. They share joys and sorrows and party till they drop. Meanwhile, they do some work to make ends meet. They provide real Hague humor, wonder, argue, and have fun. Will they get the summer of their lives or will they long back for their beautiful city behind the dunes?

Sophie & VirginieSophie & Virginie

Sophie & Virginia Mercier are sisters, sent to an orphanage after their parents, two famous explorers, disappear during a trip to Africa. Soon, they find themselves in their own line of adventures as they discover that not everything is as it should be at the orphanage.


Devant la tristesse des enfants lorsque les bonhommes de neige fondent au printemps, la lune décide de faire renaître le bonhomme de neige Bouli, ainsi que toute sa famille et ses amis. Tous les bonhommes de neige vont alors pouvoir s'amuser et inventer chaque jour de nouveaux jeux dans un pays magique. Bouli est un petit bonhomme de neige avec deux grands yeux noirs, un nez rouge tout rond rappelant celui d'un clown, un corps rond avec deux boutons noirs dessus, un chapeau gris et une écharpe rouge. C'est un bonhomme de neige, mais il possède deux pieds et deux bras.


An inside look at the life of '90s rapper MC Hammer in this half-hour reality series.

Generation AstronautGeneration Astronaut

This is a groundbreaking documentary special that sees ordinary men and women from across the globe competing against each other for the chance to live the dreams of a generation. Following more than 100 winners from over 60 countries as they strive to win one of 23 tickets to space aboard the Lynx shuttle in 2015, GENERATION ASTRONAUT showcases a week of intense competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, under the tutelage of a judging panel including legendary astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. This one-hour programme follows the hopes and dreams of the recruits as they bid to earn the journey of a lifetime - and make history.

Oh Oh TirolOh Oh Tirol
RTL 4, 2011 | Reality
Rating: 4/5

Oh Oh Tirol, we see the people of The Hague from Oh Oh Cherso back on skis and do in Tirol.