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Ryan's HopeRyan's Hope
ABC, 1975 | Drama, Romance

Ryan's Hope was a weekday soap opera that aired on ABC from 1975-1989. The series follows a large Irish-American family in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.


The story begins in the Croatian city of Osijek, when a pregnant teenage girl is found murdered on the riverbank. Then the story takes us to Kiev, where the firm and cynical businesswoman Olga Romanchenko is looking for her mysteriously missing niece. Olga, with the support of Croatian journalist Stribor played by Goran Bogdan, reveals the disgusting truth, but at the same time we learn that she also has her own unpleasant secret.

Nanook's Great HuntNanook's Great Hunt

A boy's journey into manhood through his quest to find his missing father... Set in the harsh landscape of the Canadian Arctic, this enchanting tale evolves around Nanook, a twelve-year-old Inuit boy, who embarks upon a journey to find his missing father, undertaking the challenge of hunting down the mythical bear, Suaq Nanok.

Mr. Deeds Goes to TownMr. Deeds Goes to Town
ABC, 1969 | Comedy, Fantasy

Here's another series about a small town nice guy who inherits millions and comes to New York to manage his empire. The success of this type of show depends entirely on the actor involved, and Monte Mark ham as Longfellow Deeds is a good choice for the part. He's very believable as the small town newspaper editor who encounters nothing but insincerity and opportunists in 'the big city. Movie fans please note, except for the series title, this show bears no relation whatever to the classic movie of the '30s.

Twisted FateTwisted Fate

Inspiring true stories in which fate proved to be a vital part.

Escape to Chimp EdenEscape to Chimp Eden
Animal Planet, 2008 | Documentary, Wildlife
Rating: 5/5

Caught up in the turmoil of war-torn countries, chimps frequently become orphans of the bushmeat trade, sold at markets or auctions, according to Animal Planet. Chimps also are caged for entertainment or chained as pets. With only about 150,000 chimps remaining in the wild, the chimpanzee population is being destroyed and the lives of these creatures are being degraded.

At WspolnaAt Wspolna

At Wspolna is a Polish soap opera. It has been running since 2003 on the TVN channel as its flagship primetime weekday soap opera. It is loosely based on the German production Unter uns and it follows the lives of the inhabitants of an apartment block in Wspólna Street, Warsaw.

Killer FamiliesKiller Families
Sky Crime, 2020 | Crime

The twisted stories of people who murdered their own family members

Hot Tub BritainHot Tub Britain

The series explores Britain's relationship with hot tubs. Once belonging to the rich and famous, they have gone mainstream. Many hot tubs are now affordable amongst the most budgeting of people. The episode follows one hot tub business in Blackpool.

Green GoldGreen Gold

Zé Maria Magalhães is an innocent young man who, suddenly, sees his dreams and family destroyed by a man's greed: Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca, a powerful banker. For 15 years, Zé Maria is forced to remain hidden, in a life of lies, in another country, imprisoned by the memories of the past, having to assume a new identity. Today, he is a great farmer, owner of the Ouro Verde empire, known as Jorge Monforte, and has become one of the richest men in Brazil. The course of time only fueled his desire for revenge, making him lose the sense of right and wrong and the ability to love. Fifteen years later, he returns to Portugal, ready to avenge the past and destroy Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca.