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Dating with My MatesDating with My Mates

Dating with My Mates follows a group of four single friends who go out for a three-course dinner with a difference. With each course, a date joins the mates at their table. The drinks flow and the conversation sparkles, but when the plates are cleared, the date must leave. If the dates feel a connection, they can return at the end of the meal to ask out one of the mates. But the mates can only say yes to one date! Will one friend be left on the shelf? Will the same friend get asked out by all three dates? Or will no one be asked out at all? Whatever the result, this is a love story with friendship at its heart.

Angry Birds MakerSpaceAngry Birds MakerSpace

Welcome to Angry Birds MakerSpace, a shared work space complete with a warehouse, sound stages and tech labs where birds and pigs can experience and experiment with all of the latest gadgets and trends in media and technology! But can they do it without attacking each other at all times?

Sonic Colors: Rise of the WispsSonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps

Set in the world of Sonic Colors, the story follows Sonic and Tails as they travel to Sweet Mountain with their new friend, a Jade Wisp, to free the captured Wisps from the evil Dr. Eggman and his henchrobots.

The X Factor VietnamThe X Factor Vietnam

The Vietnamese version of the popular reality music competition format X Factor.

Custom BuiltCustom Built

Custom Built is a new series that breaks the rules of standard home renovation. Designer/Builder Paul Lafrance, known for his wicked backyard transformations, is taking his creativity inside. Each week Paul tackles two projects that he customizes for clients with spectacular results. It could be a full kitchen reno or a rundown 1970's bar cart - Paul is willing to put his custom spin on any room or anything battered, broken or bent. With his hilarious crew by his side, each project will be cool, amazing and knowing Paul, one of a kind!

1 TV, 1970 | Documentary
Rating: 3/5

From foot soldiers to fighter pilots, step into the shoes of those who fought for one of the largest armies in history. This series highlights ordinary foot soldiers, intelligence officers, mine pickers, gunners, tank men, marines, alpine and airborne raiders and fighter and attack aviation pilots whose role in the Allied victory over the Nazis played a crucial part in the war effort. Using the latest computer graphics and technology, viewers witness the combat equipment design, tactics and strategy of conducting a battle. Rare newsreel shots and the reconstruction of the events allow viewers to feel they are being transported back to the battlegroud, allowing them to see war through a soldier's eyes.

Boat BuyersBoat Buyers

Life is better on a boat! Follow couples and families as they go on a wild hunt for their dream boat, exploring new destinations and all the fun activities that can be accessed by water. Along the way, buyers learn what boat features they can't live without before they ultimately decide to make this life-changing purchase see it all unfold on Boat Buyers.

Wanna Taste?Wanna Taste?

Kang Hae-jin is a woman who puts her faith in something once she starts believing in it. She has a husband 6 years younger than her and puts him through law school. She also runs her father-in-law's failing restaurant and brings it to success.

ORF 1, 2001 | Crime
Rating: 4/5

Simon Polt, gendarmerie inspector from Brunndorf, is connected with the body and soul of the landscape and the people in the Weinviertel, as well as the wine itself. A little more brooding than the others and with a great sense of justice, he occasionally suffers from his job-related outsiderhood. Polt doesn't like to punish, he doesn't shoot and doesn't like to use force. He always rides his old bike to the crime scene and goes there in search of the truth. Thanks to his tenacity, he solves the cases in his very own way.

Kenny the SharkKenny the Shark

Kenny is a tiger shark who must adapt to suburban life as a family pet or be sent back to sea, losing his best friend Kat. He's big, smelly, and eats everything. Kay's family tolerates Kenny, but it's not easy living with a shark who never sleeps and constantly sheds teeth. Kat speaks shark and tries to reason with him.