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Большая секундаБольшая секунда
START, 2021 | Comedy, Drama, Short

Two authors, he and she, are forced to work together on a script about love. They were together, but broke up a few years ago, broke up badly and have not seen each other since. Their heroes - teachers at a music school, in turn, are forced to cope with a difficult situation together. To calm her mother down, the heroine passes off her colleague as her young man. But mom's persistence makes them more and more bogged down in this game. Two lines of relationship - the authors and their heroes-teachers are intertwined around common themes: love, trust, sex, betrayal, friendship, responsibility, the possibility and impossibility of living together.

Balala the FairiesBalala the Fairies

In the Magical World of Fairy Castle, the Fairy Queen is the leader. She knows how to apply the magic to help others. One day the evil dark fairy Luna steal the Magic Fairy Stone to practicing black magic, she want to get the highest magic secret and later hided to the human world. The Stone was guarded by the little blue fairy, Sally, in order to redeem, she was been ordered to pursue the Magic Fairy Stone by also go to the human world. Hiding in the music box, Sally had come to a house and becomes the caretaker of two girls (Maggie and Michelle) that are destined to become her Magical Fairies partners, which, the Queen approved, and Maggie and Michelle have to learn how to help the others with their new magic taught by Sally. Now, the three Fairies have to fight with the evil fairy Luna and her new apprentice Lily with the target of get the Stone back to the Magical Fairy World.

Hec RamseyHec Ramsey

Hec Ramsey is a detective who solves crimes in the early 1900s. He uses his intellect to outsmart criminals instead of relying on his guns. Follow Hec Ramsey as he navigates the Wild West with his unconventional approach to law enforcement. Will he be able to solve the toughest cases? Tune in to find out!

Fighting TunaFighting Tuna

Four captains vie for these high stakes fish using boats only a third the size of Bering Sea trawlers. Tossed by high waves and rough weather, they face down the world's most powerful fish, an adversary capable of highway speeds. The payoff? A single fish can sell for $10,000. It's the biggest prize in the sea - Giant Bluefin Tuna. Weighing in between 320 and 1,500 pounds, these behemoths are the most expensive fish in the world, their price driven up by Japanese demand for sushi. The largest tuna swim north to the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean where they're caught the old-fashioned way: with rod and reel.

Unasked FamilyUnasked Family

Unasked Family is a heartwarming drama about Kang Yeo-won, a resilient housewife, and Bong Cheon-dong, a cheerful man, who find hope amidst life's challenges. Together, they navigate their past struggles and present difficulties while discovering the true meaning of family. Don't miss this uplifting series!

Big DatingBig Dating

Samuel, 31, is in search of his big love.

Der wilde GärtnerDer wilde Gärtner
ORF 1, 2011 | Comedy, Housing/Building, Reality
Rating: 5/5

Anyone who thinks of "Der wilde Gärtner" as a typical gardening magazine is mistaken. Because this service show with sitcom character is a gardening guide of a special kind. Based on the viewer's own garden, it aims to awaken a love of the garden as a habitat and of nature in general in a witty and provocative way, and to raise awareness of the need to treat our planet with respect. For all plant lovers, gardeners and those who want to become one, there are also easy-to-implement tips and tricks that are intended to show alternatives to the common knowledge offered by the countless gardening books.

Search and Rescue: North ShoreSearch and Rescue: North Shore

Follows the heroic members of Canada's busiest volunteer search and rescue team as they set off by foot and helicopter to rescue people from the rugged wilderness of North Vancouver.

Small Town ChristmasSmall Town Christmas

Hosted by Inside Edition's national correspondent and best-selling author Megan Alexander, each episode takes viewers to experience Christmas in a different small town around the country. Through food, drink, music, entertainment and faith, we will highlight local businesses and towns that are making Christmas special in their own unique way.

Killing Mum & DadKilling Mum & Dad

What happens when the child you give life to goes on to take yours? This series explores the chilling stories of children found guilty of murdering their parents.