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GSN, 2017 | Game Show

Did you know emojis are the fastest growing new language in the world? EMOGENIUS tests how well people have mastered the art of communicating solely with these tricky little characters. Hosted by Hunter March (Awesomeness TV), the show features two pairs of contestants who put their emoji-solving skills to the test for a chance to win $10,000.

Der Kroatien-KrimiDer Kroatien-Krimi

Criminality series centered in Split, Croatia.

Mi encuentro con el malMi encuentro con el mal

It recounts the terrifying experiences of alleged victims of demonic possession in Mexico, through re-enactments and personal testimonies.

The Flying ArchaeologistThe Flying Archaeologist

Ben Robinson is one of Britain's handful of aerial archaeologists. Being up high, hundreds or thousands of feet above the earth, gives him a new and entirely different perspective on the past and historical secrets that have remained hidden for centuries. In this series we join him as he flies over four iconic British landscapes - and uncover untold stories from our history that challenge the way we think about our past.

I'm Tee, Me TooI'm Tee, Me Too
GMM One, 2020 | Comedy, Drama

Six guys - all whose name is Tee, and each with their own qualities - find themselves cohabiting under the same roof, in the process learning more about not only one other but also themselves, every day.

Rich AfricansRich Africans
Amazon, 2018 | Comedy

Two Rich Africans try to find their way in America.

Big RV RemixBig RV Remix
Hulu, 2023 | Reality

Big Boi and his business partner Janice Faison who own Celebrity Trailers which specializes in over-the-top custom large vehicle renovations.

Bouwval GezochtBouwval Gezocht

A construction show hosted by Natasja Froger.

Tales of RuneterraTales of Runeterra

Tales of Runeterra are a group of animated short videos released in 2020 and 2021. Their primary purpose is to expand upon the lore of League of Legends, exploring different characters and locations, as well as promote the card game Legends of Runeterra and the mobile game Wild Rift.

Tales from the Murder RoomTales from the Murder Room
Other, 2018 | Crime

Follow Louisiana homicide detectives as they interview suspects, victims, witnesses and others related to murder in the most original, clever and stylishly unique detective series to date.