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Idol SchoolIdol School

Idol School is a fast-paced 11 week educational program that trains students to become K-pop stars. Graduates will debut immediately. The show features intense vocal, dance, and performance training, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of K-pop. Watch as talented young hopefuls compete for a chance at stardom.

From Russia With LoveFrom Russia With Love
RTL 5, 2014 | Reality

Who knows how to present himself well to all Russian female beauty and finally knows how to find true love? The new program 'From Russia With Love' follows these and other men in their search.

The Gemini FactorThe Gemini Factor

Lee and Leah are both fourteen years old, and share the same birthday. They were both found abandoned as babies - separately - and with each of them had been left a ring depicting half a yin-yang symbol. As soon as they come within a few miles of one another they start experiencing visions of one another's experiences.

De PrijsknallerDe Prijsknaller

Ersin Kiris and Eva Cleven investigate the real costs behind products that are sold at rock bottom prices.

Skrotnisse och hans vännerSkrotnisse och hans vänner

Skrotnisse and his son Kalle work in a junk yard, situated in the middle of a small town. Skrotnisse has a childhood friend, the inventor and hermit Bertil Enstöring. He has written down all his fabulous inventions in a small book. A lot of people would like to get their hands on this book. One of them is engineer Björkman, who also wants to get rid of the junk yard from the town.

Fairy From the PaintingFairy From the Painting

It tells the romantic love story of Gu Yan Cheng and Yu Xuan. Gu Yancheng, the heir of the Gu clan group, met Yu Xuan who looked similar to the 'Fairy of the sky' .

Don't Tell the DoctorDon't Tell the Doctor

A team of doctors come to the aid of men and women who have made their medical problems worse by self-diagnosing them online.

Dr. FeelgoodDr. Feelgood

Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath in which they promise to treat their patients and prevent diseases to the best of their ability, but they don't always live up to the oath - especially celebrities' physicians. "Dr. Feelgood" looks at a number of situations in which celebrities were betrayed - intentionally or not - by entrusted their health to their physicians. Each episode takes a look at a different case, including the most infamous of recent times - Dr. Conrad Murray and his potential role in the 2009 death of music icon Michael Jackson. Hourlong episodes of the series also explore the stories of model Anna Nicole Smith - whose doctors were accused of conspiring to prescribe excess drugs before she overdosed - and legendary singer Elvis Presley, whose doctor became a member of his entourage.


From the gentle turquoise seas of the Caribbean to the icy-cold Arctic, an international team of underwater explorers reveal the secrets and stories of our oceans. A team of intrepid adventurers - explorer and expedition leader Paul Rose, maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue, marine biologist Tooni Mahto and conservationist Philippe Cousteau Jnr, grandson of Jacques Cousteau - undertake a journey to discover the world beneath the waves. Each mission sees the experts living together on a dive boat and shows the disappointments and dangers they face as well as the successes of each trip. Diving in some of the planet's most challenging environments, beneath frozen Arctic ice-sheets, the Caribbean's mysterious black holes and the deep submerged caves of Mallorca they reveal new mysteries about our oceans. They come across incredible creatures such as the fearsome Humboldt squid and the six gill shark and encounter stunning corals and illuminating shipwrecks..Packed with engaging personalities, amazing discoveries and unbeatable adventure, this series builds a vital understanding of the planet's biggest and least understood asset - its oceans.

Oliver BeeneOliver Beene
FOX, 2003 | Comedy, Adventure

Oliver Beene is a comedy TV series about an 11-year-old boy and his quirky family. Set in 1962, the show follows the hilarious misadventures of the young protagonist. The show is a nostalgic look at life in the early 60s, with a focus on the Beene family's everyday struggles and triumphs. The humor is lighthearted and family-friendly, making it a great choice for viewers of all ages.