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Secret Sauce with Todd GravesSecret Sauce with Todd Graves

In SECRET SAUCE WITH TODD GRAVES, Todd Graves, the CEO of Raising Cane's and self-described fry cook and cashier, meets people from all walks of life to learn about their paths to success. Todd's history adds a unique angle, encouraging and inspiring viewers to pursue their dreams.

Ancient Secrets of The BibleAncient Secrets of The Bible

The Holy Bible: fact or fiction? Between the covers of the Bible simmer history's most spectacular claims...but are they true? Myth or reality? Fact or fable? Now you'll be sure. Walk with biblical scholars - and skeptics - through the Bible's most challenging mysteries.

Warm and CozyWarm and Cozy
MBC, 2015 | Comedy, Romance

Desperate to escape the drama and stress of modern life in the city, Baek Gun Woo and Lee Jung Joo take off to South Korea's idyllic Jeju Island. But when these two urbane strangers meet on the island, they discover the magical island's restorative qualities include unexpected romance.

The Mad DeathThe Mad Death
BBC One, 1983 | Drama, Horror

Britain is gripped by the "mad death", an outbreak of rabies, after an afflicted pet cat is illegally smuggled into the country.

Green GoldGreen Gold

Zé Maria Magalhães is an innocent young man who, suddenly, sees his dreams and family destroyed by a man's greed: Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca, a powerful banker. For 15 years, Zé Maria is forced to remain hidden, in a life of lies, in another country, imprisoned by the memories of the past, having to assume a new identity. Today, he is a great farmer, owner of the Ouro Verde empire, known as Jorge Monforte, and has become one of the richest men in Brazil. The course of time only fueled his desire for revenge, making him lose the sense of right and wrong and the ability to love. Fifteen years later, he returns to Portugal, ready to avenge the past and destroy Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca.

Uitstel van ExecutieUitstel van Executie

Uitstel van Executie helps people who have heard from their mortgage lender that their house will be sold at auction. Together with a real estate agent, Martijn Krabbé uses two sales stylists, an architectural and a professional budget coach, to do everything to help these people and to limit the enormous financial damage.

tvN, 2008 | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A plain girl lands a job at a fashion house and falls for her boss. She juggles work, caring for her sick father, brother, and sister. Brzydula is a TV series about love, family, and career. It follows the life of a girl who finds her way in the fashion industry while dealing with personal struggles.

Why Not UsWhy Not Us

The Why Not Us series highlights the ethos of being a student and student-athlete at an HBCU. The series spotlights the importance of these remarkable schools and their people, who have done more with less. HBCUs are American institutions that have produced many of the very best and brightest among us, such as Spike Lee (Morehouse College), Oprah Winfrey (Tennessee State University), Thurgood Marshall (Lincoln University/Howard University Law School), Stacey Abrams (Spelman College), and the first African-American, Asian-American and female Vice-President, Kamala Harris (Howard University), to name a few.

Das große PromibackenDas große Promibacken

Eight celebrities show what they can do when it comes to baking! Under the strict gaze of the jury made up of Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt and Christian Hümbs, they have to give everything with the whisk. Enie van de Meiklokjes is at your side as a moderator with calm nerves and good advice. Whether motif cake, quiche or donuts - the celebrity hobby bakers have to shine in every task in order to convince. The prize is the golden cupcake and 10,000 euros for a good cause.

Tales of UneaseTales of Unease
ITV, 1970 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Rating: 2/5

Get ready for spine-chilling tales of horror drama in Tales of Unease, an anthology series based on short stories edited by John Burke. Each episode will leave you on the edge of your seat as you explore the dark and twisted world of horror. Don't miss out on this thrilling series.