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Spangas is a Dutch teen soap series that follows the lives of a group of high school students. It explores themes such as friendship, romance, and identity. The show deals with issues that are relevant to teenagers, including bullying, peer pressure, and family problems. It has a diverse cast of characters and has been praised for its realistic portrayal of teenage life.

The Generation GameThe Generation Game

Making a fool of the contestants as they try to copy professionals who have strange jobs. To win some prizes the contestants play for points until there is a winner. They then watch prizes go by on a conveyor belt past where they are sat,and if they can remember any of them when asked they win those prizes.

Shannen SaysShannen Says
WE, 2012 | Comedy, Reality

In the series Shannen Says, viewers get to see a different side of Shannen Doherty as she plans her wedding and navigates the challenges of balancing her career and personal life. With only seven weeks to prepare, Shannen and her fiancé face pre-wedding jitters, family conflicts, and wardrobe mishaps, but their love may triumph in the end.

RTL 5, 2015 | Comedy, Family

The often energetic comedian Jandino Asporaat is guaranteed for good jokes.

Your Face Sounds Familiar (BG)Your Face Sounds Familiar (BG)
NovaTV, 2013 | Music, Reality

Celebrities transform into iconic music performers in Your Face Sounds Familiar. They could be of any age or gender, judged by a panel and competing celebrities. No eliminations, just points based on singing, style and believability. The top four celebrities compete in the series final for charity.

ORF 1, 1996 | Comedy, Crime

Stockinger is a spin-off of Kommissar Rex. It follows the story of Rex's former colleague as he investigates strange murders in Salzburger Land. The show focuses on the detective work of Stockinger as he solves cases in a picturesque Austrian setting. The series is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas.

Modern MurderModern Murder

A pair of female detectives with their fingers on the pulse of crime, who are as different and unpredictable as the cases they solve. But despite the turbulent circumstances and their often unconventional approaches, the two women always retain their sense of self. They represent a new self-perception of women in the workplace, dedicated and focused, but always true to themselves.

Mud Lovin' RednecksMud Lovin' Rednecks

Journey deep into the heart of Alabama and meet a down home gang of childhood friends as they attempt to start a first time mud bog business on their property. A popular form of entertainment, mud bogging combines big four-wheel trucks, fun competitions in the mud, family atmosphere, and a whole lot of mud. Anna, aka "Lil Bit," and her husband Bo, have joined forces with best friends Bubba and his fiancée Audrey, aka "Fat Legs," to transform their muddy land into a booming business called Mountain Creek Mud Bog. While their successful grand opening kicks off the summer season and brings in the bucks, this gang knows that if they don't step it up for the second bog, their new venture will be closed before it even starts.


Dessertmästarna is the ultimate competition for Sweden's finest pastry chefs. Twelve contestants battle it out to be crowned the country's dessert champion. Each week, one competitor is eliminated until only three remain to face off in the grand finale. Judged by four renowned pastry chefs and cooks, Dessertmästarna is a sweet tooth's dream come true.

Echt waar?!Echt waar?!
RTL 4, 2010 | Comedy, Game Show
Rating: 4/5

Comedic entertainment show, presented by Jack Spijkerman, in which comedians Ruben van der Meer and Tijl Beckand face each other in convincing the studio audience.