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Casualty - Cast

as Charlie Fairhead
as Tess Bateman
as Josh Griffiths
as Kathleen 'Dixie' Dixon
as Noel Garcia
as Mackenzie 'Big Mac' Chalker
as Zoe Hanna
as Jeff Collier
as Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin
as Harry Harper
as Connie Beauchamp
as John 'Abs' Denham
as Martin "Ash" Ashford
as Ruth Winters
as Adam Trueman
as Dylan Keogh
as Robyn Miller
as Kelsey Phillips
as Maggie Coldwell
as Nick Jordan
as Alice Chantrey
as Finlay 'Fin' Newton
as Jay Faldren
as Ethan Hardy
as Luke Warren
as Louise Tyler
as Gurpreet 'Guppy' Sandhu
as Lenny Lyons
as Nikki Marshall
as Iain Dean
as Sam Bateman
as Bex Reynolds
as Max Gallagher
as Penny Hutchens
as Nina Farr
as Roxanne "Roxy" Bird
as Simon Kaminski
as Jessica Harrison
as Amy Howard
as Claire Guildford
as Chloe Hill
as Lofty Chiltern
as Anna Paul
as Max Walker
as Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher
as Polly Emmerson
as Ellen Zitek
as Lily Chao
as Tina Seabrook
as Mike Barratt
as Rita Freeman
as Sam Colloby
as Caleb Knight
as Sam Nicholls
as Kate Wilson
as Liz Harker
as Linda Andrews
as Nathan Spencer
as Dillon Cahill
as Jack Vincent
as Jane Scott
as Patrick Spiller
as Greg Fallon
as Matt Hawley
as Jude Korcanik
as Megan Roach
as Tom Kent
as Jacob Masters
as Lloyd Asike
as Faith Cadogan
as Curtis Cooper
as Tony Vincent
as Jan Jenning
as Toby De Silva
as Sean Maddox
as Jim Brodie
as Holly Miles
as Sunny Sunderland
as Yuki Reid
as Spencer
as Rachel Longworth
as Stevie Nash
as Snezana Lalovic
as George Woodman
as Paul "Woody" Joyner
as Adam Osman
as Richard McCaig
as Barney Woolfe
as David Hide
as Marty Kirkby
as Kirsty Clements
as Cynthia 'Cyd' Pyke
as Norma Sullivan
as Julian Chapman
as Mark Grace
as Jimmy Powell
as Rash Masum
as Theodore 'Teddy' Gowan
as Kuba Trzcinski
as Tamzin Bayle
as Andrew Bower
as Andrew Bower
as Eve Montgomery
as Nadia Talianos
as Melanie Dyson
as Scarlett Conway
as Cyril James
as May Phelps
as Ewart Plimmer
as Madiha 'Mads' Durrani
as Sah Brockner
as Sandra Nicholl
as Paul Pegg
as Tally Harper
as Adele Beckford
as Beth Ramanee
as Susie Mercier
as Sean Anderson
as Dan Robinson
as Keith Cotterill
as Eddie Gordon
as Jack Hathaway
as Gloria Hammond
as Mie Nishi-Kawa
as Rob Khalefa
as Maxine Price
as Daniel Perryman
as Frankie Drummer
as Elliott Matthews
as Bruno Jenkins
as Jan Goddard
as Marilyn Fox
as Adam Cooke
as Laura Milburn
as Karen Goodliffe
as Valerie Sinclair
as Andrew Ponting
as Shirley Franklin
as Merlin Jameson
as Ryan Johnson
as Mark Calder
as Tom Harvey
as Patricia Baynes
as Elizabeth Straker
as Mary Tomlinson
as Sandra Mute
as Clive King
as Aoife O'Reilly
as Mary Skillett
as Brian Crawford
as Simon Eastman
as Lucy Perry
as Alex Spencer
as Julie Stevens
as Miriam Turner
as Terence 'T.C.' Cockleton
as Helen Chatsworth
as Dave Masters
as Peter Hayes
as Helen Green
as David Rowe
as Kiran Joghill
as Sadie Tomkins
as Simon Tanner
as Heather Lincoln
as Kelly Liddle
as Tony Walker
as Allison McGrellis
as Karen O'Malley
as Kenneth Hodges
as Barbara "Baz" Wilder
as Kate Miller
as Sgt. Rachel James
as Tom Harley
as Jamie Collier
as Selina Donovan
as Elle Gardner
as Jeremy 'Jez' Andrews
as Omar Nasri
as Gilly
as Philippa Kinross
as Alicia Munroe
as David Sinclair
as Comfort Jones
as Colette Kierney
as Mercedes Christie
as Archie Hudson
as Lev Malinovsky
as Fenisha Khatri
as Leon Cook
as Jade Lovall
as Matthew Afolami
as Ffion Morgan
as Rosa Cadenas
as Paige Allcott
as Henrik Hanssen
as Guy Self
as Ric Griffin
as Donna Jackson
as Mubbs Hussein
as Anton Meyer
as Nicky McKendrick
as Sacha Levy
as Serena Campbell
as Mo Effanga
as Michael Spence
as Max McGerry
as Sam Strachan
as Jac Naylor
as Ben Saunders
as Elliot Hope
as Lola Griffin
as Alistair Taylor
as Essie Di Lucca
as Cameron Dunn
as Julie Fitzjohn
as Jayne Grayson
as Xavier "Zav" Duval
as Rosie Sattar
as Mickie Hendrie
as Theo 'Stitch' Lambert
as Christina 'Tina' Mollett
as Marcus Fidel
as Max Cristie