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Chernobyl is a tale of lies and cowardice, of courage and conviction, of human failure and human nobility. The five-part mini-series focuses on the heart-breaking scale of the nuclear plant disaster that occurred in Ukraine in April 1986, revealing how and why it happened, and telling the shocking, remarkable stories of the heroes who risked their lives to save others.

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60 min.



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4.62/5 (254 ratings)

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as Valery Legasov
as Boris Shcherbina
as Lyudmilla Ignatenko
as Ulana Khomyuk
as Anatoly Dyatlov
as Alexandr Akimov
as Vasily Ignatenko
as Leonid Toptunov
as Nikolai Fomin


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Latest comments

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by posted
Yeah, I've read about the planned Russian 'alternative facts' version. :D

Wish I read those comments! :cool:
by posted
Btw, fun fact, Russia announced that they will make their own Chernobyl series :D Already released the trailer and it was uploaded on Youtube. Comments were hardcore savage there in Russian language :D

Trailer is not available anymore, NTV copyright claim :D

There is (was) intended some storyline with CIA spies (of course) :D
by posted
lighton said:
I'm looking forward to (a potential TV show) Fukushima, but maybe more time has to go by first.

Now look what I found on :
If I came to HBO and said ‘I want to do another season of Chernobyl, except it’s gonna be about another terrible tragedy,’ whether it’s Bhopal or Fukushima or something like that, I would imagine they at least would give me polite interest.
Bhopal or Fukushima - with the same team and a similar budget both would be great to watch! :)

'I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.'
~ George Bernard Shaw

by posted
In IMDB still 9.6 and number one in TV shows top. Doubt that HBO expected that.
by posted
cybalkan said:
Why Still "Returning Series"! It's over now. No season.

When you spot an error like that, click "contact us" on the main page ( and let santah know. I've already told him about this, expect to see it change within 24 hours. :)
by posted
Without a doubt, this is up there with one of the most gripping real life dramas I've seen. Thoroughly enjoyed it, if that's all right to say, considering the tragedy of it all.
by posted
Why Still "Returning Series"! It's over now. No season.
by posted
g371 said:
MarManHollow said:
Ahahahahaha. Someone stole a bridge. Hahaha. Epicly Russian!

Fun fact, that watermark "??????? ??????????" on the photos means "THE HARSH REALITY" :D

Haha, I love it! As I originally am from Lithuania, it brings me "warm" memories :P
by posted
MarManHollow said:
Ahahahahaha. Someone stole a bridge. Hahaha. Epicly Russian!

Fun fact, that watermark "??????? ??????????" on the photos means "THE HARSH REALITY" :D
by posted
g371 said:
lighton said:
g371 said:
A lot of Russian businesses store all their data remotely in other countries and access it via VPN, because you never know when and why all your PC's will be seized and you will see them again after 5 years or never :)

That sounds like a smart idea, but isn't there a relatively new law that says that all data about Russians has to be stored in the country?

Probably they have such law, have not read about it yet. I just know that we have a whole dedicated data centers that are thriving in hosting infrastructures of Russian companies, because we have fast internet connections and no language barrier.

P.S. From todays news - name another country where bridges get stolen: :D

Ahahahahaha. Someone stole a bridge. Hahaha. Epicly Russian!