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Clarkson's Farm
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Clarkson's Farm

The series looks at Jeremy Clarkson in his sometimes poor attempts at running a farm in the countryside.

Also known as: I Bought The Farm

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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Clarkson's Farm is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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Healing (+3 more)
Fri May 10, 2024
5, 6, 7, 8 (of 8 ordered)

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Streams on:
Prime Video, US at 8:00 am
48 min.
Returning Series
4.76/5 (58 ratings)
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as Jeremy Clarkson
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Latest comments

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by posted
The first part of season 3 just came out, and they only released the first 4 episodes, but I knew it when...

...he said he wanted to raise pigs that he was in for heartache, as they are extremely difficult to keep alive.
by posted
lighton said:
I just love this show. So funny. Enjoy.

:) Would you say it's a real Documentary or is lots of stuff staged?

It's legit. He owns a farm, he has to make a profit farming, he has to do chores, and he sucks at it, it's great. :D If you want to get technical the whole thing is staged because he doesn't have to do any of it, he could hire another worker, but then there'd be no show, and he also has to be shown screwing up for there to be any content, so. I guess he didn't have to trim the shrubbery but it's just fun watching him think he's doing a great job and then realize he sucks at it.

As for tarnished reputation, lolz, sometimes he's an idjiot (or is it pronounced idjyot or idjyut, not sure of the proper Clarkson phonetic pronunciation of idiot, it's one of those, lolz), but he means well and is good times when he's not cranky and throwing a tantrum at one of his producers and getting fired from Top Gear, or rambling on about princesses.

His puppies are so cute. Sansa and Arya, from Game of Thrones.
by posted
Tarnished how? He did not say there anything different as he has said in hundreds of other contexts. So, he don't like some princess or what she is now, I personally couldn't care less. To tarnish something here, Clarkson should have been some ultra polite person to begin with. And ultra funny that again Americans are the most "offended" for some reason :D
by posted
paisley1 said:
I just love this show. So funny. Enjoy.

:) Would you say it's a real Documentary or is lots of stuff staged?
by posted
his image has become a bit tarnished since his Megan-GoTH rant
by posted

Clarkson's Farm | Official Trailer's Farm - Season 1 | Documentary

An intense, arduous and frequently hilarious year in the life of Britain's most unlikely farmer, Jeremy Clarkson. Join Jeremy and his rag-tag band of agricultural associates as they face-up to a backdrop of unhelpful weather, disobedient animals, unresponsive crops and an unexpected pandemic. This is Jeremy Clarkson as you've never seen him before.

Clarkson's Farm - Season 2 | Documentary

Another year in the life of Diddly Squat Farm, run by Jeremy Clarkson, Britain's best-known but least-qualified amateur farmer. In an effort to increase his annual profit (£144 last year) he's diversifying, in the shape of cows, more chickens and his own restaurant.

Streams on Amazon Prime.