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Inspired by Three Days of the Condor, Sydney Pollack's 1975 political thriller, Condor follows young CIA analyst Joe Turner, whose idealism is tested when he stumbles onto a terrible but brilliant plan that threatens the lives of millions.

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Aired on:
C More, Sweden
60 min.
4.5/5 (129 ratings)
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as Joe Turner
as Reuel Abbott
as Mae Barber
as Gabrielle Joubert
as Bob Partridge
as Vasili Sirin
as Tracy Crane
as Eva Piper


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by posted
lighton said:

Condor Season Three
Settled into his role as a CIA case officer abroad, Joe Turner has become a foot soldier in the Agency's Cold War against China for Africa's substantial natural resources. But when conflict erupts in his own little corner of the continent, Joe has to prevent the proxy war from turning into World War III, even at the cost of what's left of his soul.

Called it! ;) Thanks Lighton.
by posted
Awesome :) I loved both seasons of Condor bring on season 3
by posted
by posted
lighton said:
Season 3 would be great. China?

That would be cool! But given that some big Hollywood companies are involved, it would probably be a plot like "China was planning something nasty, but then it turns out it was only a few bad apples. The Party is good and does not do (or order) anything wrong." at most.

Sounds good. I want to watch that. Make it so. Engage.

Santah said:
...but the vast majority of views is from real users.

Ah yes, people just trolling teh furoms.

g371 said:
d) censoring the shit out of everything

Santah's only censored me once this month with a stern warning, and Lighton only censored me twice last year, and I only got one insult on the diversity forum I created. I'm starting to lose my edge. ...dang it... ;)
by posted
g371 said:
somebody needs to tell Americans to stop butchering Russian language :D

btw, it seems that somebody actually told them, in recent year(s) in American shows I would say some 80% I have heard just solid Russian, maybe some accent sometimes, but not that "learned 2 hours ago" ears piercing stuff
by posted
Actually, most users just read the forums, few are actively posting.

This is why these stats look like that.

There are bots too, but the vast majority of views is from real users.
by posted
"censoring the shit out of everything"? Really, g371?
by posted
d) censoring the shit out of everything

I totally agree g371........hence my very few posts over the years.
by posted
3450 / 550 = 6.27 views per day, it's crawlers + a few users. Probably 0 direct hits from Google results, a few via show page.

d) censoring the shit out of everything :D