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Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs

Piper Perabo stars in the drama as Annie Walker, a CIA trainee who winds up being mysteriously promoted to the field as an operative.

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60 min.
3.62/5 (26 ratings)
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as Annie Catherine Walker
as Auggie Anderson
as Joan Campbell
as Arthur Campbell
as Calder Michaels
as Danielle Brooks
as Jai Wilcox
as Ryan McQuaid
as Conrad Sheehan III


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Latest comments

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by posted
I just saw the last episode and while the last season wasn't as good as the first, what show is?
I was glad they wrapped up most of the loose ends, even though it seemed hurried and contrived. I'm actually a bit glad they left some unknowns. At least all the 'good guys' had a positive direction to take in their lives.

I would have liked to see the situation with her sister resolved:
I don't think Danielle ever found out Annie was actually alive. I would have liked to see the writers overcome the very very common very very wrong Hollywood cliche of "you told me a lie, so from now on, you have to tell me everything". What crap.
Anyone with a room-temperature IQ would realize the "I'm protecting you" is a very true condition.
The more people who know Annie is a spy, then the greater the chance that it gets out. Risking her life, almost certainly the lives of co-agents, and the very worst, cause failure of her ops.
Scenario: Danielle gets back with husband to give it a try. Husband is dissing A for one reason or another and D comes to the rescue of her sister and says "You don't know what your're saying, A is a hero, she works for the CIA risking her life all the time... er woops!"
And then they break up again and husband decides to dig in the knife a bit more by selling the story to the papers.
Missions are at stake (Many lives, national security, etc). Need to Know is NEED TO KNOW.

I also think it would have been a better end if Annie and Augie (& Natasha) went to work for McQuaid security, planning on subcontracting back to the CIA, but on their own terms, leaving time for developing their own lives.
by posted
Oh well, another one bites the dust.... :(
by posted
Bit surprised this was cancelled not sure why as this last season wasn't the best I don't know why im shocked
by posted
I'm not sad because the show was getting pretty lame...
by posted
by posted
Next season probably won't be its last. USA Network tries to run shows for over six seasons at least. Her sister can find out she's still alive, but that's it. Nothing more public or anything will ever happen based on the nature of the show. Unless they want to take the show in a whole new direction.
by posted
Hi Rwings, Yeah i know, but i think season 5 is going to be the last one, so i really want Annie to suffer before the end, i really want her to ask her self it it was really worth it, losing her family and her old life, How can she ever be Annie Walker again?, they falseified her death , all the records etc, So i would think that heads would roll if it all came out in the open.....
by posted
Annie is a covert spy if her name ever gets in the press her career will be over and she will be stuck in the states for the rest of her life.
by posted
Hi, I have just watched the last episode in S4 and I must say I felt it was a bit of an anticlimax
I felt that the show down with Wilcox was inevitable from early in the season, and the fact that she killed him wasn't a "surprise", after all she has killed before..... big bad arse ..... NOT really
I really hope in season 5 she suffers for some of her actions, for example
I hope the fact that she has killed a "traitor" is discovered by the press and she is hailed a hero in the news
Her sister Danielle sees her picture and goes to confront her, she tells Annie that since her "Death" her eldest daughter was bullied at school as the niece of a "Traitor" and took her own life by swallowing tablets, Danielle slaps Annie and tells her that she is "dead " in her eyes as she leaves.
I mean could you imagine the pain that thinking your sister was dead... All that pain and suffering, only to find out it was all lies, Annie is very, very, selfish in my eyes, and deserves some kind of payback to make her rethink her actions.
by posted
Decent start to the new season