TV Series created by Brian Cooke

Too Close for ComfortToo Close for Comfort
ABC, 1980 | Comedy
Rating: 3/5

Too Close for Comfort is a TV series based on the UK show "Keep It in the Family." A cartoonist rents half of his duplex to his two adult daughters. The dad is overprotective and often meddles in his daughters' lives. The show follows their daily lives and the comedic situations that arise.

Man About the HouseMan About the House
ITV, 1973 | Comedy

Man About the House is a British comedy series. Two girls, Chrissy and Jo, share a flat and end up living with Robin Tripp. Their landlord George Roper disapproves. The show follows the trio's daily lives and their attempts to keep their living arrangement a secret from Roper. It aired on ITV in the UK.