TV Series created by Frank Van Keeken

My Perfect LandingMy Perfect Landing
CBBC, 2020 | Family
Rating: 4/5

My Perfect Landing follows a family of gymnasts through their struggles of dealing with a life-changing move from Miami to Toronto, Canada.

Lost & Found Music StudiosLost & Found Music Studios
Netflix, 2015 | Drama, Family, Music
Rating: 5/5

A group of talented young performers in a unique, elite music program hope to turn their passion into their profession.

The Next StepThe Next Step
family, 2013 | Drama, Family, Teens, Romance
Rating: 4.9/5

The show follows a group of dancers who go to "The Next Step Dance Studio", a place where they can compete in dance competitions and strive to do their best. Created by Frank van Keeken, the series airs in Canada and takes a look into the lives of the dancers as they have issues among themselves and try to get through them the best they can.

Wingin' ItWingin' It

Reckless angel-in-training Porter has been sent to Earth to earn his wings in this teen comedy. His task? To transform hapless student Carl into the most popular kid in school. If Porter succeeds, he'll get real wings and a halo. If he doesn't, it'll be a thousand years before he gets the chance to try again. And Carl will still be unpopular. Who doesn't need a little help from a guardian angel every once in a while? Written by Temple Street Productions