TV Series created by Jonathan Prince

American SoulAmerican Soul
BET, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Music, Biography | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.3/5

American Soul depicts the life of Don Cornelius, an entrepreneur who created Soul Train, a TV show that became popular in the 1970s. The series showcases Cornelius' journey as he navigates the entertainment industry and the challenges he faces in creating a platform for African American artists.

The CleanerThe Cleaner
A&E, 2008 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Family, Action, Thriller
Rating: 1/5

William leads a team that helps addicts get clean. The group works with addicts of all kinds to prepare them for the difficult process of recovery. The Cleaner follows William and his team as they work to help addicts overcome their addictions. Together, they strive to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse.

American DreamsAmerican Dreams
NBC, 2002 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Family, Military/War, Romance
Rating: 1/5

This evocative drama, which won two Emmy Awards, is set against the memorable music, the cultural clashes, and the Vietnam war during the 1960s. The third-year drama depicts the American landscape - as seen through the youthful Pryor family of Philadelphia as they brace for the cultural turbulence ahead that still resonates in this contemporary era.

Sweet Valley HighSweet Valley High
Syndicated, 1994 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 5/5

Based on the best-selling book series, this show revolved around the lives of the Wakefield twins and their friends. Although they are absolutely identical, they have totally different personalities; Liz is everyone's best friend while Jessica is manipulative and devious. The show started out very drama-like, there was little comedic relief and dealt with serious, if not somber issues. As it progressed it took on a more lighthearted, comedic position. Although there were cast changes every season, a few stayed for all four years, including Brittany and Cynthia Daniel who played the Wakefield twins. Not only was the theme song an original song created just for the show, but the songs used throughout the episodes were too. A soundtrack was released in 1995 featuring the songs from the series.