TV Series created by Richard Pinto

BBC One, 2014 | Comedy, Family | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Boomers is a hilarious UK comedy series that follows the lives of three retired couples, their ups and downs, and their journey to rediscover themselves. With witty humor and relatable situations, Boomers offers a fresh perspective on aging and proves that life doesn't end after retirement. Get ready to laugh and join the fun!

Mutual FriendsMutual Friends
BBC One, 2008 | Comedy, Drama

Martin's life is turned upside down after the suicide of his close friend Carl. His perfect life is shattered and he must navigate a series of unfortunate events. As Martin tries to pick up the pieces, he must confront the secrets and lies that his friends and family have been keeping from him. Mutual Friends is a drama about the complexities of relationships and the impact of tragedy.