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Critical Role Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Arrival at Kraghammer
2Into The Greyspine Mines
3Strange Bedfellows
4Attack on the Duergar Warcamp
5The Trick About Falling
6Breaching the Emberhold
7The Throne Room
8Glass and Bone
9Yug'voril Uncovered
10K'Varn Revealed
11The Temple Showdown
12Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Tips
13Escape from the Underdark
14Shopping and Shipping
16Enter Vasselheim
18Trial of the Take
19Trial of the Take: Part 2
20Trial of the Take: Part 3
21Trial of the Take: Part 4
22AraMente to Pyrah
23The Rematch
24The Feast
25Crimson Diplomacy
26Consequences and Cows
27The Path to Whitestone
28The Sun Tree
30Stoke The Flames
31Gunpowder Plot
32Against The Tide of Bone
34Race to the Ziggurat
36Winter's Crest in Whitestone
37A Musician's Nostalgia
38Echoes of the Past
40Desperate Measures
41In Ruins
42Dangerous Dealings
43Return to Vasselheim
44The Sunken Tomb
45Those Who Walk Away...
46Cindergrove Revisited
47The Family Business
48Into The Frostweald
49A Name Is Earned
50Best Laid Plans...
51Test of Pride
52The Kill Box
53At Dawn, We Plan!
54In the Belly of the Beast
58A Cycle of Vengeance
59The Feywild
60Heredity and Hats
61Denizens of the Moonbrush
62Uninviting Waters
63The Echo Tree
64The Frigid Doom
65The Streets of Ank'Harel
66A Traveler's Gamble
67The Chase to Glintshore
68Cloak and Dagger
69Passed Through Fire
72The Elephant in the Room
73The Coming Storm
74Path of Brass
75Where The Cards Fall
76Brawl in the Arches
77Clash at Daxio
78The Siege of Emon
81What Lies Beneath The Surface
82Deadly Echoes
83The Deceiver's Stand
84Loose Ends
85A Bard's Lament
86Daring Days
87Onward to Vesrah
88Tangled Depths
89Curious Tides
90Voice of the Tempest
91Vox Machina go to Hell
92Deals in the Dark
93Bats out of Hell
94Jugs and Rods
95One Year Later...
96Family Matters
97Taryon, My Wayward Son
98The Mines of the Many
100Unfinished Business
101Thar Amphala
102Race to the Tower
103The Fate-Touched
105The Fear of Isolation
106The Endless Atheneum
108The Core Anvil
109The Ominous March
110The Climb Within
111Shadows of Thomara
112Dark Dealings
113The Final Ascent
114Vecna, the Ascended
115The Chapter Closes
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