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Critical Role Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Curious Beginnings
2A Show of Scrutiny
3The Midnight Chase
4Disparate Pieces
5The Open Road
6The Howling Mines
8The Gates of Zadash
9Steam and Conversation
10Waste and Webs
11Zemnian Nights
12Midnight Espionage
13Lost & Found
14Fleeting Memories
15Where the River Goes
16A Favor in Kind
17Harvest Close
18Whispers of War
19The Gentleman's Path
20Labenda Awaits
21Stalker in the Swamp
22Lost Treasures
23Have Bird, Will Travel
24The Hour of Honor
25Divergent Paths
26Found & Lost
27Converging Fury
28Within the Nest
29The Stalking Nightmare
30The Journey Home
31Commerce & Chaos
32Beyond the Boundaries
33The Ruby and the Sapphire
34Encroaching Waters
35Dockside Diplomacy
36O Captain, Who's Captain?
37Dangerous Liaisons
38Welcome to the Jungle
39Temple of the False Serpent
40Dubious Pursuits
41A Pirate's Life for Me
42A Hole in the Plan
43In Hot Water
44The Diver's Grave
45The Stowaway
46A Storm of Memories
47The Second Seal
48Homeward Bound
49A Game of Names
50The Endless Burrows
52Feral Business
54Well Beneath
56The Favor
57In Love and War
58Wood and Steel
60A Turtle By Any Other Name
62Domestic Respite
64A Dangerous Chase
65Chases and Trees
66Beneath Bazzoxan
67Beyond the Eyes of Angels
69The King's Cage
71Family Gathering
72Clay and Dust
74Manifold Morals
75Rime and Reason
77A Tangled Web
78Between the Lines
79Through the Trees
80The Folding Halls
81From Door to Door
82The Beat of the Permaheart
83Dark Bargains
84Titles and Tattoos
85The Threads Converge
86The Cathedral
87Punishment and Politics
88Unwanted Reunions
89Lingering Wounds
90Bathhouses and Bastions
91Stone to Clay
92Home Is Where the Heart Is
93Misery Loves Company
94With Great Power...
95Blessing In Disguise
96Family Shatters
97The Fancy and the Fooled
98Dark Waters
99High Seas, High Stakes
100Hunted at Sea
101Mysteries, Memories, and Music
102Ghosts, Dinosaurs, and Stuff
103Maritime Mysteries
104The Ruined Sliver
105Rumble at Rumblecusp
106A Fog Lifted
107Devoutness and Dicks
108Traveler Con
109Frigid Propositions
110Dinner with the Devil
111New Homes and Old Friends
112The Chase Begins
113A Heart Grown Cold
114An Open Window
115Fetching Fables & Frosty Friends
116Under Timeless Ice
117The Tortoise and The Dare
118Solace Between the Secrets
119Malice and Mystery Below
120Contentious Company
121Ice and Fire
122Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
123Fair-weather Faith
124A Walk to Warmer Welcomes
125The Neverending Day
126Worth Fighting For
127Sarsaparilla, Licorice, and Red Hot
128Cat and Mouse
129Between a Ball and a Hot Place
130The Calm Before The Storm
131Into the Eye
133Hunter and Hunted
134The Streets of the Forgotten
135The Genesis Ward
136Hell or High Water
137Welcome to Cognouza
138Where There Is A Will...
140Long May He Reign
141Fond Farewells
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