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CSI is an innovative, new type of crime drama because the characters use cutting-edge forensic tools to examine the evidence to solve the case. Rather than a "whodunnit" cop show investigating witnesses/suspects), CSI explores the "howdunnit". CSI has been the number one scripted series in the Neilsen ratings for three years running.

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60 min.
4.08/5 (38 ratings)
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Subtitles, Mistakes


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as Gregory "Greg" Sanders
as Nicholas "Nick" Stokes
as Dr. Albert "Al" Robbins
as Captain James "Jim" Brass
as Sara Sidle
as Dr. David Phillips
as Catherine Willows
as David Hodges
as Gil Grissom


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by posted
Apparently CBS has given this project a green light. XD

CSI Cyber

Planted backdoor pilot in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation based on the work of FBI cyber-psychologist Mary Aiken. Revolves around the effort to chase technology-amplified larceny by faceless criminals who commit global crimes with the touch of a button. Avery Ryan, Special Agent in Charge at the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI in Quantico, focuses on crimes that start in the mind, live online and play out in the real world.
by posted
CBS Renews Ted Danson, and By Extension, CSI

There's nothing like a safe piece of obviousness to get the day started off as normal as can be and keep the boat steady! CBS has renewed its long-running procedural CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for a millionth season, because CSI will be around long after your great-grandchildren have been enslaved by the alien lizardmen of Gorthax. This next round will actually be the fourteenth season of the drama, and expect it to find a primo slot in CBS's 2013-2014 fall schedule.

The big news here is actually that CBS has re-signed series star Ted Danson to a contract extension, and he'll be back to play CSI Night Shift Supervisor D.B. Russell for a third consecutive go-round. Danson took over as boss of the crew after Laurence Fishburne left CSI at the end of Season 11. Fellow cast members Elisabeth Shue, George Eads, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Paul Guilfoyle, and Robert David Hall will also be back.
by posted
The should move the show to Boston and let all the cases take place in a certain bar ;)
by posted
Yeeeah... I don't see it.
by posted
by posted
still an awesome show i have not missed an ep but i dont know i cant get into New york or Miami ? not sure why
by posted
Too bad it's not a reality show.
by posted

Wohow Justin Bieber got killed in todays episode. :D