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Danger Mouse (2015) Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Danger Mouse Begins...Again!
2Danger at C Level
4Planet of the Toilets
5Pink Dawn
6Big Head Awakens
7The World Wide Spider
8The Other Day the Earth Stood Still
9Welcome to Danger World!
10Jeopardy Mouse
11The Return of Danger K
12Big Penfold
13The Unusual Suspects
14Danger Fan
15Quark Games
16The Snowman Cometh
17The Inventor Preventer
18Never Say Clever Again
19#Sinister Mouse
20There's No Place Like Greenback
21From Duck to Dawn
22Happy Boom Day!
23Frankensquawk's Monster
24Escape from Big Head
25Megahurtz Attacks
26The Hamster Effect
27The Good, the Baaaaa and the Ugly
28Attack of the Clowns
30Queen of Weevils
31Hail Hydrant
32Wicked Leaks
33Tomorrow Never Comes
34Half the World is Enough
35Send in the Clones
36Masters of the Twystyverse
37Danger is Forever
38Very Important Penfold
39The Cute Shall Inherit the Earth
40All 5 It
41Dream Worrier
42The Confidence Trick
43The Spy Who Came in with a Cold
44Sir Danger de Mouse
45The Duckula Show
46Agent 58
47Thanks a Minion!
48High School Inedible
49Mousefall (1)
50Mouse Rise (2)
SpecialTop Gearunknown