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Dateline NBC Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Sep 24, 2010In Broad Daylight
2Oct 01, 2010In The Dead of Night
3Oct 08, 2010The Mystery on Horseshoe Drive/The Family on Sorghum Mill Drive
4Oct 15, 2010Friday, Oct 15, 2010
5Oct 15, 2010Blind Justice
6Oct 22, 2010Episode 6
7Oct 22, 2010Rescue on the Mountainside/Stealing Paradise
8Oct 29, 2010Friday, Oct 29, 2010
10Nov 12, 2010Friday, November 5
11Nov 12, 2010Searching for Kyron/Mean Girls
12Nov 19, 2010 The Man Who Will Be King
13Dec 03, 2010Friday, December 3
14Dec 10, 2010Somebody's Daughter
15Dec 17, 2010Elizabeth Smart: The Way Back Home, Trouble in Paradise
17Jan 07, 2011Thursday, January 7
18Jan 09, 2011Sunday, January 9
19Jan 14, 2011Friday, January 14
20Jan 21, 2011The Man Who Talked to Dogs
21Jan 23, 2011Sunday, January 23
23Jan 28, 2011Friday, January 28
24Jan 28, 2011Written in Blood
25Jan 30, 2011Sunday, January 30
27Feb 04, 2011Bringing Brooke Home
28Feb 06, 2011Sunday, February 6
29Feb 11, 2011Friday, February 11
30Feb 13, 2011Sunday, February 13
32Feb 18, 2011Friday, February 18
34Feb 20, 2011Sunday, February 20
35Feb 20, 2011Sunday, February 20
36Feb 25, 2011Friday, February 25
37Feb 25, 2011Friday, February 25
38Feb 27, 2011Sunday, February 27
39Mar 04, 2011Charlie Sheen: Winning Ways? / Haunting Images
40Mar 06, 2011My Kid Would Never Bully
41Mar 18, 2011Friday, March 18
42Mar 20, 2011Sunday, March 20
43Mar 25, 2011Friday, March 25
44Apr 01, 2011The Mystery in Effingham County
45Apr 03, 2011Stolen Memories
46Apr 08, 2011Vanished
47Apr 10, 2011The Boy from Baby House 10
48Apr 15, 2011Deadly Liaisons, The Night Before Halloween
49Apr 17, 2011Inside Mexico's Drug War
50Apr 22, 2011Deadly Concoction, As Darkness Fell
51Apr 24, 2011Her Royal Journey
52Apr 29, 2011Path of Destruction, The Royal Wedding
53May 01, 2011Steven Tyler, Back in the Spotlight
54May 06, 2011The Bathtub Mystery
55May 08, 2011Father and Son
56May 13, 2011The Great Escape
57May 15, 2011The Hansen Files AZ
58May 20, 2011Daughter's Quest
59May 22, 2011The Hansen Files NY
60May 27, 2011The Haunting
61May 29, 2011A Fathers Mission
62Jun 03, 2011Death In the Driveway, Lost and Found
63Jun 05, 2011Circle of Friends
64Jun 12, 2011My Kid Would Never Bully
65Jun 17, 2011Taking Theresa
66Jun 17, 2011Casey Anthony Trial
67Jun 24, 2011Lost at Sea, Deadly Exposure
68Jun 26, 2011Faces Against Violence
69Jul 01, 2011Bringing Brooke Home
70Jul 03, 2011Rescue on the High Seas
71Jul 08, 2011Mystery on the Catawba, Casey Anthony Update
72Jul 10, 2011How Lucky Can You Get?
73Jul 15, 2011Deadly Game
74Jul 17, 2011Children of the Harvest
75Jul 22, 2011Kidnapped in the Jungle, Burning Suspicion
76Jul 24, 2011Follow the Money
77Jul 29, 2011Secret Life of the Homecoming Queen
78Jul 31, 2011Taking the Hill: Inside Congress
79Aug 05, 2011The Mystery on Halloween Night
80Aug 07, 2011The Road Back
81Aug 12, 2011Over the Edge
82Aug 12, 2011The Mystery of the Murdered Major
83Aug 14, 2011The Town That Jobs Forgot
84Aug 19, 2011A Father's Fight, The Day She Disappeared
85Aug 21, 2011Amazing Animals Caught on Tape
86Aug 26, 2011Mystery on Blood Mountain
87Aug 29, 2011Heaven is For Real, Dick Cheney, Miranda Lambert
88Sep 02, 2011Somebody's Daughter
89Sep 04, 2011Mystery at Bootlegger's Cove
90Sep 09, 2011America Remembers
91Sep 16, 2011Deadly House of Cards
92Sep 23, 2011Ransom
Dateline NBC
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Dateline NBC

The show, which has aired since 1992, is currently hosted by Stone Phillips and Ann Curry. Unlike the other newsmagazines, Dateline NBC has more of a focus on human interest stories and stories of interest to women, and less emphasis on investigative journalism.

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Airs on:

NBC at 9:00 pm


45 min.


Returning Series


0/5 (0 ratings)

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Inferno: A Dateline Survival Story


Sun Aug 13, 2017



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