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Day Break
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Day Break

Detective Brett Hopper is having a bad day and he can't put it behind him. He is accused of shooting state attorney Emilio Garza. He has an alibi and realizes that he has been framed so he goes on the run. The next day he wakes up and relives the same day all over again.

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Aired on:
60 min.
Created by:
4/5 (9 ratings)
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Subtitles, Mistakes


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as Detective Brett Hopper
as Chad Shelten
as Rita Shelten
as Andrea Battle
as Jennifer Mathis
as Damien Ortiz


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by posted
yeah no limits here either, I don't think that they could introduce it since it's always been unlimited download here.
by posted
limts... isn't that like in the old days of internet ? I'm very happy I don't have a limed not even a fair use policies ... they just don't give a f$%k what you do with your connection... I'm really surprised that a lot of peopl here have a limit.. :(
by posted
well for the aussies want good d/load limit and here it is , im on a 40 gig limit /off peak its 110 gigs and my speed is up to 20 mbps and on a adsl 2, i d/load just about anything i want for the cost of $70 per month, lol i hardly ever reach 150 gig but its there in the service i guess.
by posted
Excellent Smithers

much appreciated
by posted
Oh, yeah... I didn't get the RSS from, but from (where the torrents actually are..? maybe... not sure...) But anyway they have RSS for torrents to EZTV. Just started to use RSS two three days ago. So, clearly I'm an expert on the subject. :)
by posted
sometimes i use eztv aswell tvtorrents are better for older episodes tho imo, but you have to be a premium member for RSS
by posted
I use They have new episodes up quickly, and the torrents are listed by show. They also have RSS for torrents.
by posted
i mostly use Ratio site but gennerally good speeds and have alot of the old shows :)
by posted
tC 'just a bit of food for thought, there...'

This is like a 5 course meal to me.
But then it's not hard for my brain to be totally stuffed. :D

tC, BB, Cn2 thank you all kindly. much appreciated.
by posted
I've never had a 'bogus' episode from torrents, always downloaded using torrents, and always enjoy the show, I suppose it depends where you get them from...