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Degrassi: The Next Generation Cast

as Manny Santos
as Gavin 'Spinner' Mason
as Emma Nelson
as Archie 'Snake' Simpson
as Paige Michalchuk
as Jimmy Brooks
as J.T. Yorke
as Toby Isaacs
as Liberty Van Zandt
as Marco Del Rossi
as Ashley Kerwin
as Craig Manning
as Sean Cameron
as Ellie Nash
as Hazel Aden
as Principal Daniel Raditch
as Daphne Hatzilakos
as Christine 'Spike' Nelson
as Alex Nuñez
as Jay Hogart
as Joey Jeremiah
as Terri McGreggor
as Darcy Edwards
as Caitlin Ryan
as Dylan Michalchuk
as Danny Van Zandt
as Peter Stone
as Derek Haig
as Chantay Black
as Rick Murray
as Mia Jones
as Clare Edwards
as Damian Hayes
as Johnny DiMarco
as Adam Torres
as Alli Bhandari
as Anya MacPherson
as Becky Baker
as Bianca DeSousa
as Blue Chessex
as Bruce the Moose
as Campbell Saunders
as Connor Deslauriers
as Mike Dallas
as Dave Turner
as Declan Coyne
as Drew Torres
as Eli Goldsworthy
as Fiona Coyne
as Frankie Hollingsworth
as Grace Cardinal
as Holly J. Sinclair
as Hunter Hollingsworth
as Imogen Moreno
as Jack Jones
as Jake Martin
as Jane Vaughn
as Jenna Middleton
as Jonah Haak
as Katie Matlin
as K.C. Guthrie
as Kelly Ashoona
as Leia Chang
as Lola Pacini
as Luke Baker
as Marisol Lewis
as Maya Matlin
as Miles Hollingsworth III
as Mo Mashkour
as Owen Milligan
as Riley Stavros
as Sav Bhandari
as Shay Powers
as Tiny Bell
as Tori Santamaria
as Tristan Milligan
as Wesley Betenkamp
as Zane Park
as Zig Novak
as Zoë Rivas
as Ms. Winnie Oh
as Winston Chu