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Detective Conan Season 17 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Clash of Red and Black (The Beginning)
2Clash of Red and Black (Blood Relative)
3Clash of Red and Black (Exclamation)
4Clash of Red and Black (Hades)
5Clash of Red and Black (Coma)
6Clash of Red and Black (Invasion)
7Clash of Red and Black (Awakening)
8Clash of Red and Black (Disturbance)
9Clash of Red and Black (Disguise)
10Clash of Red and Black (Testament)
11Clash of Red and Black (Suspicion)
12Clash of Red and Black (Innocence)
13Clash of Red and Black (Ready to Die)
14Clash of Red and Black (Killed in the Line of Duty)
15Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony (Part 1)
16Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony (Part 2)
17The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box (Part 1)
18The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box (Part 2)
19Red, White, Yellow, and the Detective Boys
20Conan vs. Double Code Mystery
21Deduction Showdown! Shinichi vs. Subaru Okiya
22The Broken Horoscope
23Coffee Aroma with Murderous Intention (Part 1)
24Coffee Aroma with Murderous Intention (Part 2)
25Kaito Kid's Teleportation Magic
26Furinkazan - The Mysterious Armoured Knight
27Furinkazan - Shadow and Lightning's Conclusion
28Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour: Investigation Chapter
29Meiji Restoration Mystery Tour: Decipher Chapter
30Indictment by Red Wine
31Murderer, Kudo Shinichi
32Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears
33What She Really Wants to Ask
SpecialOVA 08: High School Girl Detective Sonoko Suzuki's Case Files
SpecialOVA Magic File 2: Kudo Shinichi — The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Lab
SpecialMovie 12: Full Score of Fear