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Detective Conan Season 31 - Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko's Detective Notes
2The Sweet Voice Heard Through the Phone
3The Surprise That Leads to Tragedy
4Kudo Yusaku's Detective Show (Part One)
5Kudo Yusaku's Detective Show (Part Two)
6The Detective Boys' Pursuit of the Purse-Snatcher
7The Boiled Fugu Mystery Tour Showdown (Mojiko & Kura Part)
8The Boiled Fugu Mystery Tour Showdown (Shimonoseki Part)
9The Charismatic CEO's Secret Plan
10The Black Organization's Scheme (Hunt)
11The Black Organization's Scheme (Landing)
12The Black Organization's Scheme (Identity)
13The Cameras Targeting Haibara
14My Beloved Dog Pan-kun Is a Good Boy
15The Alley of Sad Betrayal
16Behind the Scenes of the J League Finals
17The Freezing Cold Men
18The Inauspicious Matchmaking (Part One)
19The Inauspicious Matchmaking (Part Two)
20The Case of Ayumi's Illustrated Diary 3
21The Unfortunate and Suspicious Victim
22The Genius Restaurant
23The Culprit Who Disappeared into the Sleeping Town
24Girls Day Mystery
25Stakeout 2
26Miyano Akemi's Time Capsule (Part One)
27Miyano Akemi's Time Capsule (Part Two)
28The Missing Man's Dream
29Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko's Detective Notes 2
30Did I Do It?
31Hagiwara Chihaya, Goddess of the Wind (Part One)
32Hagiwara Chihaya, Goddess of the Wind (Part Two)
33The Troublesome 20 Million Yen
34Pride of the Immortal Man
35Akabeko and the Three Lucky Men
36The Teen Novel That Smells Like Guilt
37The True Culprit Is on the Run
38Kid vs. Amuro: Queen's Bang (Part One)
39Kid vs. Amuro: Queen's Bang (Part Two)
40I Was Set Up
41The Secret Hidden by the Cards
SpecialPolice Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE. Rei Furuya