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Dino Ranch Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Big Jon, Big Trouble
2Min's Quest
3Stop That Spinosaurus!
4The Spookasaurus
5Jane's Perfect Present
7The Long Way Home
8Trade in the Shade
9Small Wonder
10Dino Checkup Hiccup
11Tinhorn Trouble
12Family Comes First
13Clover's Tiny Problem
14Tango's BFF
15Home on the Range
16Miguel's Compy Conundrum
17The Ten Gallon Trophy
18Plane Crazy
19Sneaky Swipers
20Clover's Height Fright
21The Ballad of Big Jon
22One Good Turn
23Guitar Heroes
24Wild Wild Thunderfoot
25The Lost Dinosaur
26The Dino Doldrums
27Goliath's Little Helper
28Have You Herd?
29Treasure Ranch
30Good Neighbors
31Blitz Be Gone
32Little Big Shot
34Sonny the Kid
35Dino Sore
36Strife in the Fast Lane
38Sky's the Limit
39It's a Dino Egg-Mergency
40Trading Day
41Family Feud
42This Ranch Ain’t Big Enough
43Herds of a Feather
44Stink to High Noon
45Calling All Riders!
46Ridin' Mighty
48Adoptasaurus Rex
49The Great Dinosaur Getaway
50Dino Ranch Rocks
51Tall in the Saddle Drive
52Min Perfection