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Dino Ranch Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Wranglin' Thunderfoot
2Wings Over Dino Ranch
3Bathtime for Bopper
4Min Flies Solo
5Tango Dino-Sits
6Fast Friends
8Risk it for Biscuit
10The Flyer and Rescue Squad
11Winging It
12Eggs on the Edge
13The Mighty Dino Mites
14Home Sweet Home
15The Creepy Cryosaur
16Jon's Dino Detour
17Miguel VS Thunderfoot
18Light Touch Tango
19Perky Finds His Purpose
20Raptor Showdown
21Friendship Clashes
22Tango Takes Charge
23A Dino-Mite Night
24Luna Sees the Light
25Sonny Daze
26Rebel's Wonderful Way
27Rockslide Ravine
28Flying Colors
29Thunderin Thundertot
30Clara's Shortcut Rut
31Little Brother Blues
32It Takes Two To Tango
33Birthday Bash-less
34Tickle Trouble
35A Pond Farewell
36Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
37The Litterhorns
38One Very Special Bronto
39The Dilo Difference
40The Odd Partners
41Cautious Clover
42Gentle Giselle
43The Power of Two
44Min's Dino Mite Mistake
45Supersauruses- Ride!
46A Difficult Dino Doctor Day
47Clover Takes Over
48You're More Than Your Roar
49Dino Patient Pileup
50Sonny Wings it
51Twister with a Chance of Thundertot
52Flight of the Bubling Ogie