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Dino Ranch Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Hankie Comes Out of Her Shell
2Min's Missing Care Case
3A Dino Mite Graduation
4Eye in the Sky
5Clash of the Dinos
6Steady As We Go
7No Nest for the Wicked
8Clara Winhorn!
9The Sneakasaurus
10Sonny's T-Rex Turmoil
11The Bronto Bully
12The Rustler and the Rumbler
13The Yeti-Saurus
14Wiggle-Tooth Tango
15A Laughing Matter
16Great Minds Think of Ike
17Grand Ole Tree
18A Big Friend for Little Sadie
19The Polka-Dot Parasaur
20Dusty the Digging Dino
21Some Assembly Required
22Angus's Pride and Joy
23The Tricera-Trekkers
24Flapsy Takes Off
26Try, Fly Again
27The Dino Mountaineers
28Trouble on Dino Mountain
29On the Right Track
30Jasper's Bright Idea
31Amelia's Empty Nest
32Mountain Mission Accomplished
33Rock-a-Bye Jasper
34The Best Cure of All
35Beans Go Better With Gravy
36Tango's Barn Raising Ruckus
37Easy as Pie
38Sticking Together
39Good Ol' Goliath
40Quack's Nest of Friends