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Dirk Gently
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Dirk Gently

Stephen Mangan plays Dirk Gently in an adaptation of the novel for BBC.

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Aired on:
60 min.
3.8/5 (10 ratings)
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as Dirk Gently
as Richard MacDuff
as Janice Pearce
as Susan Way
as Ruth Jordan


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Latest comments

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by posted
the problem is, if this is going to be a show, it connot follow the books very long, couse there are only two of them (Adams was thinking of writing a third, but then he "recycled" the jokes to another hitchhikers guide to the galaxy book)
by posted
books were way-way funnier. maybe that's the problem.
by posted
Wizard said:
Didn't like it. Turned it off after 20 minutes or so. Not funny at all.

well it gets funny at the end =) in a wierd way. the whole "case" and its conclusion imo was funny, atleast i laughed out loud quite a lot...

Never read the books but heard lot bout 'em. Dirk is a peculiar guy =)
by posted
Didn't like it. Turned it off after 20 minutes or so. Not funny at all.
by posted
this was rather good. i enjoyd it very much. hope they make it into a show...
by posted
I liked the sherlock holmes reboot better. This didn't have a too Adams'y feel to it. Didn't hate it, but I don't think this should be made in this format.
by posted
i will have to check this out
by posted
My God, that was just lovely! (Expect it to be cancelled forthwith).
That thing with the mobile phone at the end actually gave me goose bumps!
And that dude from "Smack the pony" is in it! Awesome!

Yes I know, way too many exclamation marks.
by posted
The books are amazingly funny. I am currently reading "The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul". Next will be "The Salmon Of Doubt"
by posted
nivalis said:
is this based on the books by douglas adams?
if so im definitely going to check it out!

It is, thanks for pointing this out will have to check it out :)