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Disenchantment - Cast

as Princess Bean
as Elfo
as King Zøg
as The Herald
as Sorcerio
as Bonnie Prince Derek
as Queen Oona
as Pendergast
as Prince Merkimer
as Mertz
as Queen Dagmar
as The Jester
as Stan the Executioner
as Arch Druidess
as Jerry
as King Rulo
as Chazz
as Hooker Fairy
as Pops the Elf
as Old Man Touchy
as Superviso
as The Enchantress
as Me-Flavored Water Salesman
as Leavo
as Prince Guysbert
as Junior Ogre
as Darrell
as Mrs. Mertz
as Hansel
as Mother Superior
as Hillbilly #1
as Attendant
as The Griffin
as Duke of Twinkletown
as Ogre's Father
as Alva Gunderson