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Doctors Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Mar 31, 2008Tuning Out
2Apr 01, 2008School's Out
3Apr 02, 2008Words Left Unsaid
4Apr 03, 2008Speak Up
5Apr 04, 2008All in a Name
6Apr 07, 2008Lady Muck
7Apr 08, 2008Stabbed in the Back
8Apr 09, 2008Eye of the Beholder
9Apr 10, 2008And the Winner Is...
10Apr 11, 2008Searching
11Apr 14, 2008A Pain in the...
12Apr 15, 2008Shine a Light On
13Apr 16, 2008The Awakening
14Apr 17, 2008Tear Away
15Apr 18, 2008Hidden Demons
16Apr 21, 2008Standing Up
17Apr 22, 2008Imitation of Life
18Apr 23, 2008The Homecoming
19Apr 24, 2008The Hex
20Apr 25, 2008Crimes and Punishments
21Apr 28, 2008Little Brother
22Apr 29, 2008Larp
23Apr 30, 2008Interventions
24May 01, 2008Making Your Bed
25May 02, 2008Making a Splash
26May 06, 2008Photo Finish
27May 07, 2008Cat Fight
28May 08, 2008Friends Like These
29May 09, 2008Hearts Will Go On
30May 12, 2008Hush Little Baby
31May 13, 2008Sweet Success
32May 14, 2008The Ticking Clock
33May 15, 2008What the World Needs Now
34May 16, 2008Holding On
35May 19, 2008Life's a Beach
36May 20, 2008It's a Sin
37May 21, 2008Need to Know
38May 22, 2008Walking Wounded
39May 23, 2008Love and War
40May 27, 2008No. 786
41May 28, 2008The Appointed Hour
42May 29, 2008Rebirth Day
43May 30, 2008Creature Comforts
44Jun 02, 2008Pass the Parcel
45Jun 03, 2008A Woman's Touch
46Jun 04, 2008Spice Wars
47Jun 05, 2008Head and Heart
48Jun 06, 2008My Cup Runneth Over with Love
49Jun 09, 2008The One
50Jun 10, 2008Expectations
51Jun 11, 2008A Step Too Far
52Jun 12, 2008Endless Love
53Jun 13, 2008Inside Out
54Jun 16, 2008Geraldine Mooney's Departed
55Jul 07, 2008A Kind of Hush
56Jul 08, 2008Mummy Dearest
57Jul 09, 2008You'll Be a Man, My Son
58Jul 10, 2008Fall Upon Your Sword
59Jul 11, 2008Face in the Crowd
60Jul 14, 2008Served Cold
61Jul 15, 2008The Transfer Season
62Jul 16, 2008Stranger on a Bridge
63Jul 17, 2008Dare, Double Dare, Truth
64Jul 18, 2008Big Momma
65Jul 21, 2008The Lost Letter
66Jul 22, 2008Home, Sweet Home
67Jul 23, 2008Destiny Day
68Jul 24, 2008Forbidden Fruit
69Jul 25, 2008Safe
70Jul 28, 2008Hunky Dory
71Jul 29, 2008Everything But the Girl
72Jul 30, 2008The Front Page
73Jul 31, 2008Witness to a Wedding
74Aug 01, 2008Old Green Eyes
75Aug 04, 2008One Dog Day
76Aug 05, 2008Regular Fare
77Aug 06, 2008Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?
78Aug 07, 2008Love Rat
79Aug 26, 2008These Prison Walls
80Aug 27, 2008Stranger in a Strange Land
81Aug 28, 2008Fashion First
82Aug 29, 2008Part of You
83Sep 01, 2008Number One Fan
84Sep 02, 2008Maximum Load
85Sep 03, 2008Observation
86Sep 04, 2008The Third Challenge
87Sep 05, 2008The Universe Provides
88Sep 08, 2008The Horrors
89Sep 09, 2008Girl X
90Sep 10, 2008Eat for Two
91Sep 11, 2008True Colours
92Sep 12, 2008Kiss My Asp
93Sep 15, 2008In the Dark
94Sep 16, 2008Everything Counts
95Sep 17, 2008Action Replay
96Sep 18, 2008Distractions
97Sep 19, 2008After Celia
98Sep 22, 2008Smokescreen
99Sep 23, 2008The Watcher
100Sep 24, 2008Sins of the Father
101Sep 25, 2008Seeing Red
102Sep 26, 2008Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
103Sep 29, 2008Through the Looking Glass
104Sep 30, 2008Downsizing
105Oct 01, 2008A Lesser Man
106Oct 02, 2008Fallout
107Oct 03, 2008Ben and Norah
108Oct 06, 2008Light Fingers, Loose Tongues
109Oct 07, 2008Walking on Sunshine
110Oct 08, 2008Heroes and Villains
111Oct 09, 2008Under Control
112Oct 10, 2008Hunger Strike
113Oct 13, 2008The Lollipop Man
114Oct 14, 2008Wooden Heart
115Oct 15, 2008Pokerface
116Oct 16, 2008Anger Management
117Oct 17, 2008The Last Time
118Oct 20, 2008Don't Try This at Home
119Oct 21, 2008Brick Teasers
120Oct 22, 2008Baby I Love You
121Oct 23, 2008Aladdin's Cave
122Oct 24, 2008Heston C in Da House
123Oct 27, 2008Holding Back
124Oct 28, 2008Reasons to Be Cheerful
125Oct 29, 2008Altered States
126Oct 30, 2008Kiss of Death
127Oct 31, 2008Here Be Monsters
128Nov 03, 2008A Spot of Comedy
129Nov 04, 2008Miss Letherbridge
130Nov 05, 2008Relinquishment
131Nov 06, 2008Daddy Darling
132Nov 07, 2008Chill Out
133Nov 10, 2008I Know What You Did Last Semester
134Nov 11, 2008Safe Haven
135Nov 12, 2008Hearts and Minds
136Nov 13, 2008What's Love Got to Do with It?
137Nov 14, 2008Trapped in Space
138Nov 17, 2008Fragile Minds
139Nov 18, 2008A Room Full of Strangers
140Nov 19, 2008Making an Argument
141Nov 20, 2008The Power of Three
142Nov 21, 2008My Son the Guinea Pig
143Nov 24, 2008VIP Treatment
144Nov 25, 2008The Milky Way
145Nov 26, 2008A Second Chance
146Nov 27, 2008From the Ashes
147Nov 28, 2008Buried
148Dec 01, 2008Changes
149Dec 02, 2008The Visit
150Dec 03, 2008Do the Right Thing
151Dec 04, 2008Sandra's Grotto
152Dec 05, 2008Head Case
153Dec 08, 2008Pink Ribbon
154Dec 09, 2008The Perfect Couple
155Dec 10, 2008Testing Times
156Dec 11, 2008Just Deserts
157Dec 12, 2008The Cuckold King
158Dec 15, 2008Minuit
159Dec 16, 2008The Honeytrap
160Dec 17, 2008Daylight Robbery
161Dec 18, 2008The Break Out
162Dec 19, 2008Naughty or Nice
163Jan 05, 2009Forgive Us Our Sins
164Jan 06, 2009My Other Life
165Jan 07, 2009Little by Little
166Jan 08, 2009A Bit of What You Fancy
167Jan 09, 2009Schlock, Stock and Two Smoking Harolds
168Jan 12, 2009Cry Wolf
169Jan 13, 2009Facing the Music
170Jan 14, 2009Widow-to-Be
171Jan 15, 2009Wandering Off
172Jan 16, 2009Tigger and the Gold Digger
173Jan 19, 2009Altered Ego
174Jan 20, 2009You People
175Jan 21, 2009Arranged Family
176Jan 22, 2009We'll Meet Again
177Jan 23, 2009Don't Say a Word
178Jan 26, 2009The Old Fashioned Way
179Jan 27, 2009Moments in the Sun
180Jan 28, 2009Tears of a Clown
181Jan 29, 2009Voice Control
182Jan 30, 2009Love Will Find a Way
183Feb 02, 2009The End of the World
184Feb 03, 2009Wanted
185Feb 04, 2009Vantage Point
186Feb 05, 2009Dear Diary
187Feb 06, 2009Silently Screaming
188Feb 09, 2009Tempt Not a Desperate Man
189Feb 10, 2009Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
190Feb 11, 2009O True Apothecary
191Feb 12, 2009A Plague on Both Your Houses
192Feb 13, 2009Sweet Good Night
193Feb 16, 2009Defining Happy
194Feb 17, 2009Baby Bliss
195Feb 18, 2009Amends
196Feb 19, 2009First Love Last Love
197Feb 20, 2009Towards the Light
198Feb 23, 2009Mac's Women
199Feb 24, 2009Click: Part One
200Feb 25, 2009Click: Part Two
201Feb 26, 2009Limbo
202Feb 27, 2009Fly by Night
203Mar 02, 2009Dem Bones
204Mar 03, 2009Old Haunts
205Mar 04, 2009Window
206Mar 05, 2009Bad Blood
207Mar 06, 2009Little White Lies
208Mar 09, 2009The Two Leo Beckfords
209Mar 10, 2009Road to Recovery
210Mar 11, 2009A Life in Pictures
211Mar 12, 2009Flimflam Thank You Man
212Mar 13, 2009The Thirteenth
213Mar 16, 2009Skin Deep
214Mar 17, 2009Heal Thyself
215Mar 18, 2009Cows
216Mar 19, 2009Over the Cracks
217Mar 20, 2009Past Imperfect
218Mar 23, 2009Hillgate J-91: Part One
219Mar 24, 2009Hillgate J-91: Part Two
220Mar 25, 2009Keep It in the Family
221Mar 26, 2009Love, Labour, Lust
222Mar 27, 2009The Right Time
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Doctors is a British medical soap opera. The first episode was first broadcast in the UK on BBC One on 26 March 2000. The drama focuses around the staff and their families of a doctor's surgery set in a fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge.

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BBC One at 1:45 pm BST


30 min.


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Stop All the Clocks

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Fri Jun 30, 2017

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8:45 am



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