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Doctors Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Mar 30, 2009Strange Little Girl
2Mar 31, 2009Restraint
3Apr 01, 2009Love Letters Straight from the Heart
4Apr 02, 2009The Wall
5Apr 03, 2009The Way I Am
6Apr 06, 2009The Final Straw
7Apr 07, 2009Hole
8Apr 08, 2009One for the Road
9Apr 09, 2009Intensity
10Apr 14, 2009Got the T-Shirt
11Apr 15, 2009Standing Up
12Apr 16, 2009Much Ado About Something
13Apr 17, 2009Stealing Beauty
14Apr 20, 2009Unchained Melody
15Apr 21, 2009Innocence
16Apr 22, 2009Sorrow's Gift
17Apr 23, 2009Ladies Man
18Apr 24, 2009Footlights and Flounces
19Apr 27, 2009Playing Away
20Apr 28, 2009Lucky
21Apr 29, 2009Someone to Watch Over Me
22Apr 30, 2009Lost and Found
23May 01, 2009Such Devoted Sisters
24May 05, 2009Code of Silence
25May 06, 2009Spleen
26May 07, 2009Hang Onto Nurse
27May 08, 2009Clubbing Together
28May 11, 2009Consequential Loss
29May 12, 2009I Kissed a Girl
30May 13, 2009Impact
31May 14, 2009Under Pressure
32May 15, 2009Worlds Apart
33May 18, 2009Out of Control
34May 19, 2009Litmus
35May 20, 2009Sound of Silence
36May 21, 2009Old Friends
37May 22, 2009Beating Around the Bush
38May 26, 2009Hamilton Is Out
39May 27, 2009Bed Hopping Mad
40May 28, 2009Some Romance
41May 29, 2009No Going Back
42Jun 01, 2009Carpe Diem
43Jun 02, 2009Musical Bumps
44Jun 03, 2009Red Letter Day: Part One
45Jun 04, 2009Red Letter Day: Part Two
46Jun 08, 2009No Rest for the Wicked
47Jun 08, 2009Chicken Boy
48Jun 09, 2009The Lodger
49Jun 10, 2009Heartfelt Gestures
50Jun 11, 2009The Lion and the Lamb
51Jun 12, 2009The Real Me
52Jun 15, 2009Prejudice and Pride
53Jul 06, 2009Crisis? What Crisis?
54Jul 07, 2009The Real World
55Jul 08, 2009An Englishman's Home
56Jul 09, 2009Dummy
57Jul 10, 2009Booty Call
58Jul 13, 2009Turkish Delight
59Jul 14, 2009Beneath the Surface
60Jul 15, 2009New Labour
61Jul 16, 2009Tracing the Lines
62Jul 17, 2009Art of War
63Jul 20, 2009Debut
64Jul 21, 2009Gentlemen's Excuse Me
65Jul 22, 2009But for the Grace of God
66Jul 23, 2009Vera Pym
67Jul 24, 2009History Repeated
68Jul 27, 2009Toys
69Jul 28, 2009Chef's Secret
70Jul 29, 2009What Will Be, Will Be
71Jul 30, 2009The MacGyvers
72Jul 31, 2009Dolly Mixtures
73Aug 03, 2009No Way Out
74Aug 04, 2009Tears for Souvenirs
75Aug 05, 2009It's Good to Talk
76Aug 06, 2009Surrender
77Aug 07, 2009A Bit of a Pickle
78Aug 10, 2009Choices
79Aug 11, 2009Hot Milk and Butterscotch
80Aug 12, 2009The People at the Top of the Stairs
81Aug 13, 2009Magic
82Aug 14, 2009Gone to the Dogs
83Aug 17, 2009Face to Face
84Aug 18, 2009All About My Mother
85Aug 19, 2009There's No Telling: Part One
86Aug 20, 2009There's No Telling: Part Two
87Aug 21, 2009In the Cold Hard Light of Day
88Aug 24, 2009Puncture Repair
89Aug 25, 2009Empty Nest
90Aug 26, 2009Clowntime Is Over
91Aug 27, 2009Cradle to Grave
92Aug 28, 2009If You Love Somebody
93Sep 01, 2009All That Glitters
94Sep 02, 2009Basic Instincts
95Sep 03, 2009Guidance
96Sep 04, 2009Shadow
97Sep 07, 2009Toss of a Coin
98Sep 08, 2009Hello, Hello, Hello
99Sep 09, 2009Get a Life
100Sep 10, 2009His Coy Mistress
101Sep 11, 2009Maternal Instincts
102Sep 14, 2009Trophy Girlfriend
103Sep 15, 2009Fifteen Minutes
104Sep 16, 2009The Very Thought of You
105Sep 17, 2009The Open Road
106Sep 18, 2009Last Supper in Suburbia
107Sep 21, 2009Volte Face
108Sep 22, 2009Bad Hair Day
109Sep 23, 2009Harry: The Arrow Files
110Sep 24, 2009Teotwawki
111Sep 25, 2009The Good Cowboy
112Sep 28, 2009Wake Up Call
113Sep 29, 2009The Black Widow
114Sep 30, 2009Guilty Party
115Oct 01, 2009Billy Boy
116Oct 02, 2009Nobody's
117Oct 05, 2009Reflected in Windows: Part One
118Oct 06, 2009Reflected in Windows: Part Two
119Oct 07, 2009Love Knot
120Oct 08, 2009Bundle of Joy
121Oct 09, 2009Mr Jelly
122Oct 12, 2009I'll Keep Holding On
123Oct 13, 2009A Manny About the House
124Oct 14, 2009The Romantics
125Oct 15, 2009The Great Escape
126Oct 16, 2009Leaving God
127Oct 19, 2009Now You See It...
128Oct 20, 2009Soul Mates
129Oct 21, 2009The Hunter
130Oct 22, 2009The Informant
131Oct 23, 2009Baby Love
132Oct 26, 2009Rivals
133Oct 27, 2009Slice of Life
134Oct 28, 2009Reverberation
135Oct 29, 2009Love All
136Oct 30, 2009Dead Honest
137Nov 02, 2009Family Values
138Nov 03, 2009Blind Faith
139Nov 04, 2009Worst Critic
140Nov 05, 2009Great Expectations
141Nov 06, 2009Doctor Who?
142Nov 09, 2009Robbed
143Nov 10, 2009Shackled
144Nov 11, 2009Growing Pains
145Nov 12, 2009Up the Garden Path
146Nov 13, 2009Cold Light of Day
147Nov 16, 2009Bully for You
148Nov 17, 2009Joan of Park
149Nov 18, 2009The End of the Line
150Nov 19, 2009Once Upon a Time
151Nov 20, 2009Nowhere to Run
152Nov 23, 2009New Dawn
153Nov 24, 2009Duality
154Nov 25, 2009The Perfect Face for Radio
155Nov 26, 2009Hurt
156Nov 27, 2009Crushed
157Nov 30, 2009Far from the Tree
158Dec 01, 2009Who Cares?
159Dec 02, 2009Food, Love and Money
160Dec 03, 2009Pictures of You
161Dec 04, 2009Harry: Architect of Fortune
162Dec 07, 2009Harry: A Decorous Death
163Dec 08, 2009Sick of Trying
164Dec 09, 2009Driving Miss Crazy
165Dec 10, 2009Equally Cursed and Blessed
166Dec 11, 2009Perspective
167Dec 14, 2009A Little of What you Fancy
168Dec 15, 2009O Christmas Tree
169Dec 16, 2009Mistletoe, Sushi and Mulled Wine
170Dec 17, 2009Dead Serious
171Dec 18, 2009Cold Comfort
172Jan 04, 2010Mystery at Moot Point
173Jan 05, 2010Swansong
174Jan 06, 2010The Standstill
175Jan 07, 2010Dance to Keep from Crying
176Jan 08, 2010Basting the Turkey
177Jan 11, 2010Lying for Britain
178Jan 12, 2010Primes and Misdemeanours
179Jan 13, 2010Hairy Potter and the Disorderly Felix
180Jan 14, 2010Reckless
181Jan 15, 2010Too Close to Home
182Jan 18, 2010Mixed Doubles
183Jan 19, 2010A Taste of Freedom
184Jan 20, 2010Divide and Conquer
185Jan 21, 2010Plan B
186Jan 22, 2010Letting Go
187Jan 25, 2010Master of the Universe: Monday
188Jan 26, 2010Master of the Universe: Tuesday
189Jan 27, 2010Master of the Universe: Wednesday
190Jan 28, 2010Master of the Universe: Thursday - Judgement Day
191Jan 29, 2010Master of the Universe
192Feb 01, 2010Hasta La Vista
193Feb 02, 2010Mr Donormight
194Feb 03, 2010Three Go Wild
195Feb 04, 2010Good for the Soul
196Feb 05, 2010Coming to Get You
197Feb 08, 2010The Long and Short of It
198Feb 09, 2010The Bigger Man
199Feb 10, 2010A Pill for Every Ill
200Feb 11, 2010Love Lies Bleeding
201Feb 12, 2010No Distance Left to Run
202Feb 15, 2010Angel
203Feb 16, 2010Daddy's Girl
204Feb 17, 2010Too Little, Too Late
205Feb 18, 2010To Be Perfect
206Feb 19, 2010Bad ABBA
207Feb 22, 2010Yetis on the Golf Course
208Feb 23, 2010Loving Memory
209Feb 24, 2010Eyes Open
210Feb 25, 2010Rebecca's Dream
211Feb 26, 2010The Others
212Mar 01, 2010Unmoved
213Mar 02, 2010When We Were Young
214Mar 03, 2010Skunk Show
215Mar 04, 2010Faith
216Mar 05, 20106 Underground
217Mar 08, 2010Climb Every Mountain
218Mar 09, 2010Bleeding
219Mar 10, 2010My Best Effort
220Mar 11, 2010Dead Weird
221Mar 12, 2010Hell Hath No Fury
222Mar 15, 2010Birth of the Blues
223Mar 16, 2010Relative Strangers
224Mar 17, 2010Occupational Hazards
225Mar 18, 2010A Child Called Moon
226Mar 19, 2010Your Health A to Z
227Mar 22, 2010Fear of the Dark: Part Two
228Mar 23, 2010Roleplay
229Mar 24, 2010Last Cut
230Mar 25, 2010Risky Business
231Mar 26, 2010Freddie's Final Fling
232Mar 29, 2010Save the Children
233Mar 30, 2010Friend Indeed
234Mar 31, 2010Mother's Help
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Doctors is a British medical soap opera. The first episode was first broadcast in the UK on BBC One on 26 March 2000. The drama focuses around the staff and their families of a doctor's surgery set in a fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge.

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Airs on:

BBC One at 1:45 pm BST


30 min.


Returning Series


0/5 (0 ratings)

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Stop All the Clocks

Local Date:

Fri Jun 30, 2017

Local Time:

8:45 am



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