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Doctors Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Apr 01, 2010Catching
2Apr 06, 2010A Happy Ending
3Apr 07, 2010One More Scrum
4Apr 08, 2010Top 'C' Words Everyone Hates
5Apr 09, 2010Home to Roost
6Apr 12, 2010Neighbourhood Watch
7Apr 13, 2010Mystery Tour
8Apr 14, 2010Love Me, Hate Me
9Apr 15, 2010Synergy
10Apr 16, 2010Two's Company
11Apr 19, 2010Digging for Gold
12Apr 20, 2010Best Laid Plans
13Apr 21, 2010Guilty
14Apr 22, 2010Protection
15Apr 23, 2010Careless Whisper
16Apr 26, 2010Monday Monday
17Apr 27, 2010All the Right Moves
18Apr 28, 2010The False Heart
19Apr 29, 2010Idle Hands
20Apr 30, 2010Baby Love
21May 04, 2010Like Mother Like Daughter
22May 05, 2010An Officer and a Gentle Man
23May 06, 2010All Our Yesterdays
24May 10, 2010Power of Speech
25May 10, 2010Lady Luck
26May 11, 2010Street Life
27May 12, 2010Consequences
28May 13, 2010Sins of a Father
29May 14, 2010The Loneliness of the Long Distance Unicyclist
30May 17, 2010Pound of Flesh
31May 18, 2010Burning the Candle
32May 19, 2010The White Room
33May 20, 2010The Tiptoe of Expectation
34May 21, 2010The Last Hurrah
35May 24, 2010Heaven, I'm in Heaven
36May 25, 2010Shuffle, Ball, Change
37May 26, 2010Pass the Parcel
38May 27, 2010Me Not I
39May 28, 2010Domo Arigato, Super San
40Jun 01, 2010Past Tense
41Jun 02, 2010You Will Survive
42Jun 03, 2010The Light Fantastic
43Jun 04, 2010Class Act
44Jun 07, 2010A Nod and a Wink
45Jun 08, 2010Ghosts
46Jun 09, 2010Legacy
47Jun 10, 2010The Trouble with Charlie
48Jun 11, 2010Daddy Un-Cool
49Jul 05, 2010Love Thy Neighbour
50Jul 06, 2010Through a Glass Darkly
51Jul 07, 2010Ties That Bind
52Jul 08, 2010Who's Coming to Dinner?
53Jul 09, 2010Tuning in the Shine
54Jul 12, 2010Gibberish
55Jul 13, 2010Miss Pringle Investigates
56Jul 14, 2010Some Like It Hot
57Jul 15, 2010Nappy Rash
58Jul 16, 2010How Green Is Your Home?
59Jul 19, 2010Visible Wounds
60Jul 20, 2010Back to School
61Jul 21, 2010Day Zero
62Jul 22, 2010Not Otherwise
63Jul 23, 2010Army Dreamers
64Jul 26, 2010Peace, Love and Understanding
65Jul 27, 2010Happy Place
66Jul 28, 2010Small Town Hero
67Jul 29, 2010Gentle Giant
68Jul 30, 2010The View from Here
69Aug 02, 2010Finding the Words
70Aug 03, 2010Healer
71Aug 04, 2010The Big Picture
72Aug 05, 2010Five Seconds
73Aug 06, 2010Daddy's Home
74Aug 09, 2010Wedded Miss
75Aug 10, 2010Time to Go
76Aug 11, 2010The Long Way Round: Part One
77Aug 12, 2010The Long Way Round: Part Two
78Aug 13, 2010Canute
79Aug 16, 2010Marry in Haste
80Aug 17, 2010Naked Ambition
81Aug 18, 2010Kiss and Make Up
82Aug 19, 2010Poetic Justice
83Aug 20, 2010Scoop
84Aug 23, 2010A Call of Nature
85Aug 24, 2010Standing Up
86Aug 25, 2010Rock-a-Bye Baby
87Aug 26, 2010A Serious Woman
88Aug 27, 2010Double Bogey
89Aug 31, 2010Frozen
90Sep 01, 2010Double Top
91Sep 02, 2010A Boy Called Granddad
92Sep 03, 2010Hanging On
93Sep 06, 2010And Shame the Devil
94Sep 07, 2010The Trainee: Part One
95Sep 08, 2010The Trainee: Part Two
96Sep 09, 2010La La La (Not Listening)
97Sep 10, 2010Something Evil
98Sep 13, 2010The Price
99Sep 14, 2010A Spoonful
100Sep 15, 2010Man in the Mirror
101Sep 16, 2010Paradise Lost
102Sep 17, 2010Echoes
103Sep 20, 2010Voice Activated
104Sep 21, 2010Off the Wagon
105Sep 22, 2010Bonkers
106Sep 23, 2010Carnage
107Sep 24, 2010Two Marriages
108Sep 27, 2010Good Clean Fun
109Sep 28, 2010The Go-Between
110Sep 29, 2010Under a Gooseberry Bush
111Sep 30, 2010Von Man Trap
112Oct 01, 2010Independence Day
113Oct 04, 2010Honey Monster
114Oct 05, 2010The No Man
115Oct 06, 2010Love You to Death
116Oct 07, 2010Whatever Happened to Auntie Jane?
117Oct 08, 2010No Love Lost
118Oct 11, 2010Close to Home
119Oct 12, 2010Keep it in the Trade
120Oct 13, 2010Mad Hatters
121Oct 14, 2010The Flood
122Oct 15, 2010Ed
123Oct 18, 2010Boyo
124Oct 19, 2010Perfect
125Oct 20, 2010Breathing Lessons
126Oct 21, 201024-7
127Oct 22, 2010Fire and Water
128Oct 25, 2010Carousel: Part 1
129Oct 26, 2010Carousel: Part 2
130Oct 27, 2010Carousel: Part 3
131Oct 28, 2010Carousel: Part 4
132Oct 29, 2010Carousel: Part 5
133Nov 01, 2010The Memory of Water
134Nov 02, 2010The Comeback Kid
135Nov 03, 2010The Puppet Master
136Nov 04, 2010Arrivals
137Nov 05, 2010Tiny Whispers
138Nov 08, 2010Sonata
139Nov 09, 2010Encounters
140Nov 10, 2010If Tomorrow Never Comes
141Nov 11, 2010The Men Who Came to Dinner
142Nov 12, 2010A Rocky Road
143Nov 15, 2010Martha Loves George
144Nov 16, 2010The Stripper & the Librarian
145Nov 17, 2010Tough Enough
146Nov 18, 2010Wasted Trip
147Nov 19, 2010Everybody Hurts
148Nov 22, 2010Hex
149Nov 23, 2010An Unexpected Arrival
150Nov 24, 2010Bon Vomage
151Nov 25, 2010Dirty Little Pig
152Nov 26, 2010I Know What You Did Last Night
153Nov 29, 2010My Girl Lollipop
154Nov 30, 2010Father to the Man
155Dec 01, 2010The Bitterest Pill
156Dec 02, 2010There Must Be an Angel
157Dec 03, 2010Fault Lines
158Dec 06, 2010The Caring Business
159Dec 07, 2010If You Want Something Done
160Dec 08, 2010The Living Gaylights
161Dec 09, 2010Inside My Head
162Dec 10, 2010Beautiful Sasha 25 xxx
163Dec 13, 2010From a Previous Marriage
164Dec 14, 2010Who Do You Think You Are?
165Dec 15, 2010The Mathematics of Marriage
166Dec 16, 2010Body Language
167Dec 17, 2010These Boots
168Jan 04, 2011Signs and Wonders
169Jan 05, 2011Candidate
170Jan 06, 2011Kinesha
171Jan 07, 2011Cocktails for Two
172Jan 10, 2011What Yellow Brick Road?
173Jan 11, 2011An Inspector Calls
174Jan 12, 2011Jagged Little Pill
175Jan 13, 2011End of the Line
176Jan 14, 2011Sunny Side Up
177Jan 17, 2011Born Evil
178Jan 18, 2011The Cradle Rocks
179Jan 19, 2011The Passion of Oscar Wilde
180Jan 20, 2011A Broken Heart
181Jan 21, 2011Insomnia
182Jan 24, 2011My Hero
183Jan 25, 2011Dirty Doddering
184Jan 26, 2011In the Queen's Arms: Part One
185Jan 27, 2011In the Queen's Arms: Part Two
186Jan 28, 2011White Out
187Jan 31, 2011Ring Me, Marry Me, Text Me, Kill Me
188Feb 01, 2011August 23rd
189Feb 02, 2011Intereo Per Veneratio
190Feb 03, 2011The Sickest Kiss
191Feb 04, 2011The Sparkling Spirit
192Feb 07, 2011The Nun's Tale
193Feb 08, 2011Ab Flab
194Feb 09, 2011Unkindness of Strangers
195Feb 10, 2011Sympathy for the Devil
196Feb 11, 2011Saints and Sinners
197Feb 14, 2011Kings and Queens
198Feb 15, 2011Fit as a Fiddle
199Feb 16, 2011Quarantine
200Feb 17, 2011Ladies Who Lunch
201Feb 18, 2011Teenage Kicks
202Feb 21, 2011Time to Say Goodbye
203Feb 22, 2011Confessions
204Feb 23, 2011Circling the Drain
205Feb 24, 2011Shadows
206Feb 25, 2011Strange Currency
207Feb 28, 2011Field Day
208Mar 01, 2011Elsewhere
209Mar 02, 2011Happy Days
210Mar 03, 2011Yes M'Lady
211Mar 04, 2011Cinderellas
212Mar 07, 2011No Regrets
213Mar 08, 2011The Abnormal Heart
214Mar 09, 2011There
215Mar 10, 2011Pavlova's Dogs
216Mar 11, 2011The Hoarse Whisperer
217Mar 14, 2011Jealous Girl
218Mar 15, 2011Relax and Rejuvenate
219Mar 16, 2011Dare to Bare
220Mar 17, 2011Pretending to See the Future
221Mar 18, 2011Get Smart
222Mar 21, 2011Six Feet Under
223Mar 22, 2011Chelsea Girl
224Mar 23, 2011People Are Strange
225Mar 24, 2011Hush Little Baby
226Mar 25, 2011Green Shoots
227Mar 28, 2011Scratching an Itch
228Mar 29, 2011The Last Angel Cake
229Mar 30, 2011Dressed as Lamb
230Mar 31, 2011Every Heart That Beats
231Apr 01, 2011A Life in the Day
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Doctors is a British medical soap opera. The first episode was first broadcast in the UK on BBC One on 26 March 2000. The drama focuses around the staff and their families of a doctor's surgery set in a fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge.

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Airs on:

BBC One at 1:45 pm BST


30 min.


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Stop All the Clocks

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Fri Jun 30, 2017

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8:45 am



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