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Doctors Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Apr 04, 2011Prestige
2Apr 05, 2011Thanks for the Memories
3Apr 06, 2011Smoke and Mirrors
4Apr 07, 2011Brothers
5Apr 08, 2011Friday I'm in Love
6Apr 11, 2011Bad Heston: Part One
7Apr 12, 2011Bad Heston: Part Two
8Apr 13, 2011Liar, Liar
9Apr 14, 2011Just Like a Woman
10Apr 15, 2011Truth or Dare
11Apr 18, 2011Doric's Column
12Apr 19, 2011Men and Motors
13Apr 20, 2011Spite Club
14Apr 21, 2011Wrong Identity
15Apr 26, 2011Charade
16Apr 27, 2011Labyrinth
17Apr 28, 2011Light Blue Touch Paper
18Apr 28, 2011The Silence
19May 03, 2011Elaine
20May 04, 2011Lord Letherbridge
21May 05, 2011The Other Side of the Wall
22May 06, 2011Gods and Gurus
23May 09, 2011Once Upon a Time
24May 10, 2011The Path to Life
25May 11, 2011The Asian & the Lesbian
26May 12, 2011The Finishing Touch
27May 13, 2011Out in the Cold
28May 16, 2011The Lonely Woman
29May 17, 2011Covers
30May 18, 2011Mr Right
31May 19, 2011Payback
32May 20, 2011Because You're Mine
33May 23, 2011Fruity
34May 24, 2011Over the Rainbow
35May 25, 2011Blind
36May 26, 2011Moot Point
37May 27, 2011Awake
38May 31, 2011Seize the Day
39Jun 01, 2011Like Father
40Jun 02, 2011Resistant to Arrest
41Jun 03, 2011You Gotta Have Faith
42Jun 06, 2011Daddy's Girl
43Jun 07, 2011Family Matters
44Jun 08, 2011The Killing of Sean Noble
45Jun 09, 2011Like Mother Like Daughter
46Jun 10, 2011Smoke and Flames
47Jun 13, 2011The Last Waltz
48Jul 04, 2011Cassandra
49Jul 05, 2011Defying Gravity
50Jul 06, 2011Poison Ivy
51Jul 07, 2011Coming of Age
52Jul 08, 2011Pink and Blue
53Jul 11, 2011Last Christmas
54Jul 12, 2011Protection
55Jul 13, 2011Carpe Diem
56Jul 14, 2011Now or Never
57Jul 15, 2011Someone to Love
58Jul 18, 2011Pride and Prejudice
59Jul 19, 2011Welcome to My World
60Jul 20, 2011Sorting Nana Mo
61Jul 21, 2011Tail to Tow
62Jul 22, 2011Glad Rags
63Jul 25, 2011Born and Bred
64Jul 26, 2011Best Laid Plans
65Jul 27, 2011Sweet Child of Mine
66Jul 28, 2011Decent People
67Jul 29, 2011Sunday Sunday
68Aug 01, 2011Storm in a Teacup
69Aug 02, 2011Safe Home
70Aug 03, 2011You People
71Aug 04, 2011Lasso the Moon
72Aug 05, 2011Footsteps
73Aug 08, 2011The Pale Cast of Thought
74Aug 09, 2011Charming
75Aug 10, 2011Tricky Dicky
76Aug 11, 2011Evidence of Things Not Seen
77Aug 12, 2011The Meter's Running
78Aug 15, 2011Scars
79Aug 16, 2011The Good Guys
80Aug 17, 2011Life Without Yum-Yum
81Aug 18, 2011Forgiven
82Aug 19, 2011Life Extinct
83Aug 22, 2011Atonement
84Aug 23, 2011Back from the Dead
85Aug 24, 2011Message in a Bottle
86Aug 25, 2011Who's the Daddy?
87Aug 26, 2011It's Only Natural
88Aug 30, 2011The Grocer's Apostrophe
89Aug 31, 2011Out of the Loop
90Sep 01, 2011Dirty Linen
91Sep 02, 2011Burdens
92Sep 05, 2011The Good Daughter
93Sep 06, 2011Nobody's Perfect
94Sep 07, 2011The Sharpest Cut
95Sep 08, 2011Murder Sleep
96Sep 09, 2011Pulp Friction
97Sep 12, 2011Footloose
98Sep 13, 2011Choice
99Sep 14, 2011Grin and Bare It
100Sep 15, 2011Whip Hand
101Sep 16, 2011The Devil's Daughter
102Sep 19, 2011Proof
103Sep 20, 2011Sticky and Sweet
104Sep 21, 2011Last Words
105Sep 22, 2011Inviolate
106Sep 23, 2011Cupcakes
107Sep 26, 2011Reality Check
108Sep 27, 2011The Body
109Sep 28, 2011Anything You Say
110Sep 29, 2011Gotcha!
111Sep 30, 2011Fatshe Leno La Rona
112Oct 03, 2011Last Stop: This Town
113Oct 04, 2011R.I.P.
114Oct 05, 2011Stealing His Thunder
115Oct 06, 2011My Big Fat Ruined Wedding
116Oct 07, 2011Suffocating Love
117Oct 10, 2011The Show Must Go On
118Oct 11, 2011By Its Cover
119Oct 12, 2011In Pursuit
120Oct 13, 2011Distraction
121Oct 14, 2011Running on Empty
122Oct 17, 2011Bring Me the Ted of Albert Garcia
123Oct 18, 2011My Sunshine
124Oct 19, 2011Dougal and the Factory: Part One
125Oct 20, 2011Dougal and the Factory: Part Two
126Oct 21, 2011The Power of Nightmares
127Oct 24, 2011Night Thoughts
128Oct 25, 2011Health and Tembe
129Oct 26, 2011Silent Partner
130Oct 27, 2011House Guest
131Oct 28, 2011The Only Way Is Letherbridge
132Oct 31, 2011This Monstrous and Unnatural Woman
133Nov 01, 2011On Strawberry Hill
134Nov 02, 2011The Driving Seat
135Nov 03, 2011Cuckoo
136Nov 04, 2011Tea and Sympathy
137Nov 07, 2011Parts and Fitters
138Nov 08, 2011Dead or Alive
139Nov 09, 2011The Bulge
140Nov 10, 2011The Man
141Nov 11, 2011Boyz in da Wood
142Nov 14, 2011Different Kind of Prison
143Nov 15, 2011The Beast Within
144Nov 16, 2011The Jug
145Nov 17, 2011Clinging Ivy
146Nov 18, 2011Charlie
147Nov 21, 2011No Going Back: Part One
148Nov 22, 2011No Going Back: Part Two
149Nov 23, 2011Joke Club
150Nov 24, 2011A Woman Scorned
151Nov 25, 2011Future Perfect
152Nov 28, 2011Visions
153Nov 29, 2011Manhandled
154Nov 30, 2011An Uneasy Harmony
155Dec 01, 2011Striking Out
156Dec 02, 2011A Tangled Web
157Dec 05, 2011Trust
158Dec 06, 2011Blind Spot
159Dec 07, 2011Hitting the Wall
160Dec 08, 2011By Hook or by Crook
161Dec 09, 2011You Have the Right to Remain Silent
162Dec 12, 2011Life Lines
163Dec 13, 2011No Secret So Close
164Dec 14, 2011Officers' Mess
165Dec 15, 2011The Season to Be Jolly
166Dec 16, 2011Lebkucken vs Papparkakor
167Jan 03, 2012Mr Fitch Comes Home
168Jan 04, 2012To Have and to Hold
169Jan 05, 2012Singing in the Dark
170Jan 06, 2012War of the Worlds
171Jan 09, 2012Tomorrow
172Jan 10, 2012Yesterday
173Jan 11, 2012One Under
174Jan 12, 2012Gimme a Break
175Jan 13, 2012Freegan to Choose
176Jan 16, 2012Judgement Day
177Jan 17, 2012What Lies Beneath
178Jan 18, 2012Tales of the Rather Expected
179Jan 19, 2012The Cat's Meow
180Jan 20, 2012Scratch the Surface
181Jan 23, 2012Children of the Night
182Jan 24, 2012Baby Steps
183Jan 25, 2012Another Day, Another Dollar
184Jan 26, 2012Completion Day: Part One
185Jan 27, 2012Completion Day: Part Two
186Jan 30, 2012Great Expectations
187Jan 31, 2012Crocodile Tears
188Feb 01, 2012Where the Heart Is
189Feb 02, 2012The Next Level
190Feb 03, 2012Another Year
191Feb 06, 2012Denial
192Feb 07, 2012Appearances
193Feb 08, 2012Static
194Feb 09, 2012Open Season
195Feb 10, 2012The Morning After and the Night Before
196Feb 13, 2012Perfect Storm
197Feb 14, 2012It Had to be You
198Feb 15, 2012Lovesick
199Feb 16, 2012Naqam
200Feb 17, 2012A Taste of Honey
201Feb 20, 2012The Well Spoken Man
202Feb 21, 2012And Nothing but the Truth
203Feb 22, 2012The Ones We Leave Behind
204Feb 23, 2012Grey Matters
205Feb 24, 2012At Sea
206Feb 27, 2012Paradise Lost
207Feb 28, 2012Entente Cordiale
208Feb 29, 2012House Call
209Mar 01, 2012Last Tango
210Mar 02, 2012Crazy Little Thing Called Love
211Mar 05, 2012The Hills
212Mar 06, 2012Every End Has a Start
213Mar 07, 2012The Fool
214Mar 08, 2012Anger Management
215Mar 09, 2012Firestarter
216Mar 12, 2012Daddy Cool
217Mar 13, 2012Cut Off: Part One
218Mar 14, 2012Cut Off: Part Two
219Mar 15, 2012Crush
220Mar 16, 2012Daddy's Girl
221Mar 19, 2012Nothing Ventured
222Mar 20, 2012Only the Truth
223Mar 21, 2012Wanton Desire
224Mar 22, 2012Puff
225Mar 23, 2012Ambition
226Mar 26, 2012Let Me Shipwreck
227Mar 27, 2012Stuck
228Mar 28, 2012The Promise
229Mar 29, 2012Pants on Fire
230Mar 30, 2012Dinosaurs
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Doctors is a British medical soap opera. The first episode was first broadcast in the UK on BBC One on 26 March 2000. The drama focuses around the staff and their families of a doctor's surgery set in a fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge.

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BBC One at 1:45 pm BST


30 min.


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Stop All the Clocks

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Fri Jun 30, 2017

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8:45 am



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