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Doctors Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Apr 02, 2012Full Time
2Apr 03, 2012Deal or No Deal
3Apr 04, 2012A Suburban Affair
4Apr 05, 2012Bursting Balloons
5Apr 10, 2012Reality Check
6Apr 11, 2012A Little on the Side
7Apr 12, 2012Dancing Queen
8Apr 13, 2012Upper Crust
9Apr 16, 2012Short Changed
10Apr 17, 2012Pass Notes
11Apr 18, 2012A Good Boy
12Apr 19, 2012Friend and Neighbor
13Apr 20, 2012Echo Chamber
14Apr 23, 2012Fall of a Sparrow
15Apr 24, 2012If Music Be the Food of Love
16Apr 25, 2012Being Your Slave
17Apr 26, 2012Genius
18Apr 27, 2012The Lunatics, the Lover and the Poet
19Apr 30, 2012Just the Way You Are
20May 01, 2012Wind Up
21May 02, 2012Resonsibilities
22May 03, 2012A Bracing Walk
23May 04, 2012Blackeyes
24May 08, 2012Fragile Strength
25May 09, 2012High-Flyer
26May 10, 2012Black Bag
27May 11, 2012Secrets of the Heart
28May 14, 2012Acting Strangely
29May 15, 2012The Morning After the Night of the Living Dead
30May 16, 2012Testament
31May 17, 2012My Cherie Amour
32May 18, 2012Legacy
33May 21, 2012Carry on Cruising
34May 22, 2012Venom
35May 23, 2012Sticky Fingers
36May 24,
37May 25, 2012Divine Intervention
38May 28, 2012The Player
39May 29, 2012Smash the System
40May 30, 2012Redemption
41May 31, 2012Dia De Los Muertos
42Jun 01, 2012Jerusalem
43Jun 06, 2012Contact
44Jun 07, 2012Never Found
45Jun 08, 2012Those Were the Days
46Jun 11, 2012Knock, Knock
47Jun 12, 2012Matthew & Son
48Jun 13, 2012Life's Too Short
49Jun 14, 2012Back Inside
50Jun 15, 2012The Stranger
51Jun 18, 2012Something on the Air
52Jul 09, 2012Survivors
53Jul 10, 2012Start Up
54Jul 11, 2012Sweet Surrender
55Jul 12, 2012Embers
56Jul 13, 2012Head Screwed On
57Jul 16, 2012Outlaws and Angels
58Jul 17, 2012A River in Egypt
59Jul 18, 2012Now They'll Sleep
60Jul 19, 2012If a Tree Falls
61Jul 20, 2012Catflap
62Jul 23, 2012Sentence
63Jul 24, 2012Indian Smyth
64Jul 25, 2012The Bespectacled Bounder
65Jul 26, 2012Nice Packet
66Aug 13, 2012A Broad Church
67Aug 14, 2012Judging Books
68Aug 15, 2012Art and Soul
69Aug 16, 2012Car Wars
70Aug 17, 2012Good Citizens
71Aug 20, 2012The Great Unwashed
72Aug 21, 2012Walter
73Aug 22, 2012The Frighteners
74Aug 23, 2012Here
75Aug 24, 2012Blue Eyed Boy
76Aug 28, 2012The Way to a Man's Heart
77Aug 29, 2012Untouchable: Part One
78Aug 30, 2012Untouchable: Part Two
79Aug 31, 2012Sweetmeats
80Sep 03, 2012Amusee Bouche
81Sep 04, 2012Four in a Bed
82Sep 05, 2012The Devil You Know
83Sep 06, 2012The Devil You Don't
84Sep 07, 2012Third Party
85Sep 10, 2012Pick Up Artist
86Sep 11, 2012Homecoming
87Sep 12, 2012What I'm Good At
88Sep 13, 2012Piano Man
89Sep 14, 2012The Artist
90Sep 17, 2012Virtuous Reality
91Sep 18, 2012A Tangled Web
92Sep 19, 2012Ticks and Twitches
93Sep 20, 2012An Urban Fairytale
94Sep 21, 2012Hello and Goodbye
95Sep 24, 2012Painted Blind
96Sep 25, 2012The Best Medicine
97Sep 26, 2012Dear Joe
98Sep 27, 2012Crossed Wires
99Sep 28, 2012Mum's a Word
100Oct 01, 2012White Coat
101Oct 02, 2012Reports of My Death
102Oct 03, 2012Simple
103Oct 04, 2012Desperately Seeking Melanie
104Oct 05, 2012Affairs of the Heart
105Oct 08, 2012A Parent Thing
106Oct 09, 2012Tenderness
107Oct 10, 2012A Lighter Note
108Oct 11, 2012The Collectors
109Oct 12, 2012Treason's Tell
110Oct 15, 2012Home Free
111Oct 16, 2012Devotion
112Oct 17, 2012An Appropriate Adult
113Oct 18, 2012The Lost Boy
114Oct 19, 2012The Pain and the Itch
115Oct 22, 2012Seconds Away
116Oct 23, 2012Love Scars
117Oct 24, 2012Cheer Up Sleepy Genes
118Oct 25, 2012Wide of the Mark
119Oct 26, 2012Turn
120Oct 29, 2012The Cry
121Oct 30, 2012The First Among Equals
122Oct 31, 2012Party Time
123Nov 01, 2012Beautiful Girl
124Nov 02, 2012Boot Camp
125Nov 05, 2012Ink
126Nov 06, 2012Doctor Love
127Nov 07, 2012Fresh Start
128Nov 08, 2012Faking It
129Nov 09, 2012Remember Them
130Nov 12, 2012No Strings
131Nov 13, 2012Host Family
132Nov 14, 2012Ben Percy
133Nov 15, 2012Henry Dear's Big Day
134Nov 16, 2012Artist in Residence
135Nov 19, 2012Killing Me Softly
136Nov 20, 2012Intransigence
137Nov 21, 2012Sweet Child of Mine
138Nov 22, 2012Out Damned Spot
139Nov 23, 2012All Because the Lady Loves
140Nov 26, 2012The Woman at the Bus Stop
141Nov 27, 2012Old Spice
142Nov 28, 2012Hold Sway
143Nov 29, 2012Extra Curricular
144Nov 30, 2012Blip
145Dec 03, 2012The One That Got Away
146Dec 04, 2012Blood Under The Rose
147Dec 05, 2012The Beast in Me
148Dec 06, 2012Sleeping Dogs
149Dec 07, 2012Box Clever
150Dec 10, 2012Keep Us Together
151Dec 11, 2012Stockholm Syndrome
152Dec 12, 2012Demolition
153Dec 13, 2012Follow That Star!
154Dec 14, 2012The Good Parent
155Dec 17, 2012Known Impediment
156Dec 18, 2012Elephant in the Room
157Dec 19, 2012Ho Ho Flipping Ho
158Dec 20, 2012Try
159Dec 21, 2012Rifts and Gifts
160Jan 02, 2013Flashback in Anger
161Jan 03, 2013Through a Glass Darkly
162Jan 04, 2013Fizz for Breakfast
163Jan 07, 2013Over a Barrel
164Jan 08, 2013Brother's Keeper: Part One
165Jan 09, 2013Brother's Keeper: Part Two
166Jan 10, 2013This Is the Song
167Jan 11, 2013Behind Closed Doors
168Jan 14, 2013Kendon's Method
169Jan 15, 2013Bleeding Hearts
170Jan 16, 2013Where Are We Going?
171Jan 17, 2013Grit
172Jan 18, 2013Thicker Than Water
173Jan 21, 2013Whatever It Takes
174Jan 22, 2013Dark Horse
175Jan 23, 2013The Mating Game
176Jan 24, 2013Please Hold
177Jan 25, 2013Heston's Last Testament
178Jan 28, 2013Men at Work
179Jan 29, 2013The Were-Witch Project
180Jan 30, 2013Feel the Fear
181Jan 31, 2013Monster
182Feb 01, 2013Ancient Triangle
183Feb 04, 2013The Wrong Man
184Feb 05, 2013Face to Face
185Feb 06, 2013Saving Irene
186Feb 07, 2013A Night Like This
187Feb 08, 2013Difficulty
188Feb 11, 2013Eleanor's Last Goodbye
189Feb 12, 2013Skeletons
190Feb 13, 2013Something Extra
191Feb 14, 2013Silly Valentine
192Feb 15, 2013Little Miss Letherbridge
193Feb 18, 2013Care
194Feb 19, 2013The Good Father
195Feb 20, 2013Job's Worth
196Feb 21, 2013Quality of Life
197Feb 22, 2013The Official Line
198Feb 25, 2013Letting Go
199Feb 26, 2013Kiss and Tell
200Feb 27, 2013Changes
201Feb 28, 2013Exterminating Angel
202Mar 01, 2013D-Day
203Mar 04, 2013House Arrest
204Mar 05, 2013A Few Bits
205Mar 06, 2013Cheap Thrills
206Mar 07, 2013Swings and Roundabouts
207Mar 08, 2013Fifty Shades of Beige
208Mar 11, 2013With or Without You
209Mar 12, 2013Wild Justice
210Mar 13, 2013The Things We Do for Love
211Mar 14, 2013The Other Half
212Mar 15, 2013Nessun Dorma
213Mar 18, 2013The Cold Light of Day
214Mar 19, 2013The Guilty Man
215Mar 20, 2013K6
216Mar 21, 2013The Story of My Life
217Mar 22, 2013The Scales
218Mar 25, 2013Seeing the Light
219Mar 26, 2013Tea for Three
220Mar 27, 2013Crossing the Line
221Mar 28, 2013Camper Van of Love
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Doctors is a British medical soap opera. The first episode was first broadcast in the UK on BBC One on 26 March 2000. The drama focuses around the staff and their families of a doctor's surgery set in a fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge.

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Airs on:

BBC One at 1:45 pm BST


30 min.


Returning Series


0/5 (0 ratings)

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Stop All the Clocks

Local Date:

Fri Jun 30, 2017

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8:45 am



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The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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