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Doctors Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Apr 13, 2015Boom Banger
2Apr 14, 2015Out of Control
3Apr 15, 2015The Dark Net
4Apr 16, 2015Fusion Food
5Apr 17, 2015Toy Story
6Apr 20, 2015Touched by an Angel
7Apr 21, 2015What Love Means
8Apr 22, 2015Xander Harrison
9Apr 23, 2015Afternoon Delight
10Apr 24, 2015Idolatory
11Apr 27, 2015The Hope
12Apr 28, 2015Listen to Me
13Apr 29, 2015The Route of All Good
14Apr 30, 2015Give Us This Day
15May 01, 2015Someone to Watch Over Me
16May 05, 2015L'Amore e la Morte
17May 06, 2015Aftermath
18May 07, 2015Rescuing Silver
19May 08, 2015Haunted
20May 11, 2015Cold City
21May 12, 2015Shining Light
22May 13, 2015Finish Line
23May 14, 2015Norman Is Upstairs
24May 15, 2015Bumble Bee
25May 18, 2015A Spade a Spade
26May 19, 2015Mods and Rockers
27May 20, 2015By the Lake
28May 21, 2015Flying Carpets
29May 22, 2015Mystic Madge
30May 26, 2015Deeper
31May 27, 2015Plus One
32May 28, 2015Joint Lock
33May 29, 2015Little Brother
34Jun 01, 2015Subsidence
35Jun 02, 2015Strike a Pose
36Jun 03, 2015Father Figure
37Jun 04, 2015Down and Up
38Jun 05, 2015Fair Game
39Jun 08, 2015C Pass
40Jun 09, 2015The Other Foot
41Jun 10, 2015The Doctor
42Jun 11, 2015Sensitive Skin
43Jun 12, 2015The Neighbours from Hull
44Jun 15, 2015Ghost
45Jun 16, 2015Truth or Dare
46Jun 17, 2015Everybody Needs Somebody
47Jun 18, 2015Waiting for Gordon
48Jun 19, 2015Touch and Go
49Jun 22, 2015A Fine Romance
50Jun 23, 2015Climb Every Mountain
51Jun 24, 2015Indefensible
52Jun 25, 2015In the Line of Duty
53Jun 26, 2015Mean Girls
54Jul 20, 2015A Quiet Life
55Jul 21, 2015End of Episode
56Jul 22, 2015It
57Jul 23, 2015Trust Me I'm a Doctor
58Jul 24, 2015Chef's Special
59Jul 27, 2015The Laughing Gnome
60Jul 28, 2015Blind Spot
61Jul 29, 2015Insignificant
62Jul 30, 2015Zero Tolerance
63Jul 31, 2015Slipping Through the Cracks
64Aug 03, 2015Spandex and Secrets
65Aug 04, 2015Lady Brenda
66Aug 05, 2015Housemates
67Aug 06, 2015Sticks and Stones
68Aug 07, 2015Someone Like You
69Aug 10, 2015Seen and Not Heard
70Aug 11, 2015The Ring
71Aug 12, 2015Noli Me Tangere
72Aug 13, 2015Treehouse
73Aug 14, 2015Manhunt
74Aug 17, 2015Bad Samaritan
75Aug 18, 2015Injecting a Little Spice
76Aug 19, 2015Best Served Cold
77Aug 20, 2015The Letterbox
78Aug 21, 2015The Prince
79Aug 24, 2015Let Them All Talk
80Aug 25, 2015Golden Ticket
81Aug 26, 2015Breaking Point
82Aug 27, 2015Shambles
83Aug 28, 2015Reborn
84Sep 01, 2015Take Two
85Sep 02, 2015Corked
86Sep 03, 2015An Act of Charity
87Sep 04, 2015Drop Dead
88Sep 07, 2015Sea Whispers
89Sep 08, 2015Busted
90Sep 09, 2015The Bingo Conspiracy
91Sep 10, 2015The Heart of England
92Sep 11, 2015The Reader
93Sep 14, 2015Resilience
94Sep 15, 2015A Very Reverend Institution
95Sep 16, 2015Bitter Pill
96Sep 17, 2015Big Girls Don't Cry
97Sep 18, 2015Safety Net
98Sep 21, 2015In Search of Happiness
99Sep 22, 2015The Hatchling
100Sep 23, 2015Reawakening
101Sep 24, 2015The Pain Barrier
102Sep 25, 2015Marrow
103Sep 28, 2015A Proper Copper
104Sep 29, 2015All the Time in the World
105Sep 30, 2015Fallen Hero
106Oct 01, 2015The Man Who Was King
107Oct 02, 2015Spin Doctor
108Oct 05, 2015Conclusions
109Oct 06, 2015Time of My Life
110Oct 07, 2015Spectre of the Rose
111Oct 08, 2015Troubled Waters
112Oct 09, 2015Clarity
113Oct 12, 2015It Starts with the Shoes
114Oct 13, 2015Girl about Town
115Oct 14, 2015No Smoke without Fire
116Oct 15, 2015The Key
117Oct 16, 2015The Odd Couple
118Oct 19, 2015You Can Run
119Oct 19, 2015Signs and Wonders
120Oct 21, 2015Hitting the Wall
121Oct 22, 2015A Handful of Dust
122Oct 23, 2015In the Midst of Life
123Oct 26, 2015Where There's Hope
124Oct 27, 2015All in a Day's Work
125Oct 28, 2015Who Knew
136Nov 12, 2015Forever
163Jan 18, 2016Future Perfect
164Jan 19, 2016Without You
165Jan 20, 2016A Good Man
166Jan 21, 2016The Winner Takes It All
167Jan 22, 2016Roadkill
168Jan 25, 2016Nighthawks Part 1
169Jan 26, 2016Nighthawks Part 2
170Jan 27, 2016Stop the World
171Jan 28, 2016Moving In
172Jan 29, 2016This Fading Light
173Feb 01, 2016Right in Two
174Feb 02, 2016Heartstrings
175Feb 03, 2016Dracula's Choice
176Feb 04, 2016Peanut
177Feb 05, 2016A Taste of Home
178Feb 08, 2016The Hunter
179Feb 09, 2016Junction 10
180Feb 10, 2016Try Before You Die
181Feb 11, 2016Play Date
182Feb 12, 2016A Ghost at the Feast
183Feb 15, 2016The Rules of the Game
184Feb 16, 2016Prey Episode 1
185Feb 17, 2016Prey Episode 2
186Feb 18, 2016Being Witched
187Feb 19, 2016Martians
188Feb 22, 2016Melting Point
189Feb 23, 2016Cold Facts
190Feb 24, 2016Triangle
191Feb 25, 201624
192Feb 26, 2016Direct from the West End
193Feb 29, 2016Monique
194Mar 01, 2016Menage a Quatre
195Mar 02, 2016What Goes Around
196Mar 03, 2016The Last Days of Queen Victoria
197Mar 04, 2016Old Flames
198Mar 07, 2016Episode 198
199Mar 08, 2016The Bad Spell
200Mar 09, 2016Promises, Promises
201Mar 10, 2016Pest
202Mar 11, 2016Mother's Ruin
203Mar 14, 2016Shadowland
204Mar 15, 2016Climb Another Mountain
205Mar 16, 2016Under My Roof
206Mar 17, 2016Episode 206
207Mar 18, 2016This One's For You
208Mar 21, 2016On the Beat
209Mar 22, 2016Age Concern
210Mar 23, 2016Songs of Appraisal
211Mar 24, 2016Indecent Proposal
212Mar 25, 2016Me Before You
213Mar 28, 2016Man Up
214Mar 29, 2016Fit for Work
215Mar 30, 2016The Woman Who Run
216Mar 31, 2016Hanging by a Thread
217Apr 01, 2016Creature Comfort
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Doctors is a British medical soap opera. The first episode was first broadcast in the UK on BBC One on 26 March 2000. The drama focuses around the staff and their families of a doctor's surgery set in a fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge.

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Airs on:

BBC One at 1:45 pm BST


30 min.


Returning Series


0/5 (0 ratings)

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Stop All the Clocks

Local Date:

Fri Jun 30, 2017

Local Time:

8:45 am



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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Doctors is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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