Do I have to donate?

No, it's not obligatory, but you'll help me a lot if you do. As you know, keeping a site alive for so long costs me money, time and effort, and your donations will be greatly appreciated. It'll also give me something to pay the people helping me with the site (currently Karenbear, which if you don't know - updates the Babe of the Day section).

So, be generous if you can afford it ...

I've optimistically set up 2 ways of donation - MoneyBookers and PayPal (or credit card).

Whether you have a PayPal account or not, you could also pay with a Credit Card. We will not see any details except who paid us, and how much. You can use PayPal in the US without a credit card, just by using your bank account.

MoneyBookers on the other hand is a service much like PayPal, and I personally found it to be more convenient to use. (and if you do have the chance to use both - please use MoneyBookers). If you don't have an account in there, the registration is free, fast and simple, register here.

I'll be setting up a list with the donations, so your support will not be left unnoticed.

So, here are the donation links.

Donation links are now removed, as almost nobody used those anyway (and you must've stumbled on this page from some old url). You can still support Next Episode if you want though - check out our Premium Membership.

Thanks for showing your support for!