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Eastenders Cast

as Peggy Mitchell
as Zoe Slater
as Mick Carter
as Lee Carter
as Libby Fox
as Babe Smith
as Linda Carter
as Ryan Malloy
as Sharon Mitchell
as Ian Beale
as Whitney Carter
as Phil Mitchell
as Lauren Branning
as Denise Fox
as Shirley Carter
as Stacey Fowler
as Ben Mitchell
as Ben Mitchell
as Ben Mitchell
as Ben Mitchell
as Tina Carter
as Pauline Fowler
as Roxy Mitchell
as Ronnie Mitchell
as Billy Mitchell
as Donna Yates
as Jane Beale
as Jay Brown
as Kathy Beale
as Glenda Mitchell
as Dot Branning
as Abi Branning
as Patrick Trueman
as Martin Fowler
as Martin Fowler
as Jack Branning
as Kush Kazemi
as Carmel Kazemi
as Bex Fowler
as Johnny Carter
as Johnny Carter
as Honey Mitchell
as Masood Ahmed
as Pam Coker
as Louise Mitchell
as Sonia Fowler
as Max Branning
as Les Coker
as Nancy Carter
as Peter Beale
as Peter Beale
as Peter Beale
as Shakil Kazemi
as Dean 'Deano' Wicks
as Kim Fox-Hubbard
as Steven Beale
as Charlie Cotton
as Vincent Hubbard
as Alfie Moon
as Carol Jackson
as Stan Carter
as Daniel Mitchell
as Kat Moon
as Bianca Jackson
as Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb
as Tamwar Masood
as Lola Pearce
as Aleks Shirovs
as Fiona "Tosh" Mackintosh
as Andrew 'Buster' Briggs
as Claudette Hubbard
as Linda Clarke
as Cora Cross
as Dexter Hartman
as Paul Coker
as Cindy Williams
as Terry Spraggan
as Liam Butcher
as Jake Stone
as Bobby Beale
as Mo Harris
as Derek Harkinson
as David Wicks
as Tiffany Butcher
as Michelle Fowler
as Michelle Fowler
as Grant Mitchell
as Nick Cotton
as Rainie Cross
as Yvonne Cotton
as Jean Slater
as Christian Clarke
as Sam Mitchell
as Sam Mitchell
as Kirsty Branning
as Keegan Baker
as Danny Pennant
as Colin Russell
as Janine Butcher
as Amjad Jahangir "AJ" Ahmed
as Heather Trott
as Lucas Johnson
as Pat Evans
as Dotty Cotton
as Dotty Cotton
as Angie Watts
as Carl White
as Poppy Meadow
as Bradley Branning
as Ruby Allen
as Den Watts
as Robbie Jackson
as Harold Legg
as Ethel Skinner
as Lorraine Wicks
as Arthur Fowler
as Ali Osman
as Sue Osman
as Lou Beale
as Naima Jeffrey
as Pete Beale
as Terry Raymond
as Cindy Beale
as Kelvin Carpenter
as Karen Taylor
as Bella Stone
as Sadie Young
as Ray Dixon
as Ava Hartman
as Sam James
as Joey Branning
as Alice Branning
as Tanya Branning
as Zainab Masood
as Michael Moon
as Tyler Moon
as Derek Branning
as Syed Masood
as Anthony Moon
as Mandy Salter
as Rose Cotton
as Anthony Cotton
as Ricky Butcher
as Darren Miller
as Eddie Moon
as Jim Branning
as Leon Small
as Greg Jessop
as Vanessa Gold
as Al Jenkins
as Joel Reynalds
as Rick "Minty" Peterson
as Charlie Slater
as Zsa Zsa Carter
as Manda Best
as Lauren Branning
as Lucy Beale
as Amira Masood
as Theo Kelly
as Chelsea Fox
as Brenda Boyle
as Callum Monks
as Dawn Swann
as Archie Mitchell
as Danielle Jones
as Syd Chambers
as Sean Slater
as Yolande Trueman
as Vinnie Monks
as Tony King
as Clare Bates
as Mickey Miller
as Carly Wicks
as Suzy Branning
as Gus Smith
as Shabnam Masood
as Bert Atkinson
as Joe Macer
as Demi Miller
as Keith Miller
as Maureen "Little Mo" Morgan
as Aditya 'Adi' Ferreira
as Spencer Moon
as Nana Moon
as Danny Moon
as Sasha Perkins
as Kate Mitchell
as Juley Smith
as Andy Hunter
as Tariq Larousi
as Dennis Rickman
as Kareena Ferreira
as Ash Ferreira
as Rohan 'Ronny' Ferreira
as Chrissie Watts
as Kelly Taylor
as Lynne Hobbs
as Paul Truman
as Laura Beale
as Natalie Price Evans
as Shirley Benson
as Vicki Fowler
as Barry Evans
as Asif Malik
as Nita Mistry
as Jan Hammond
as Dougie Slade
as Lisa Fowler
as Joanne Ryan
as Mark Fowler
as Roy Evans
as Trevor Morgan
as Kim McFarlane
as Steve Owen
as Beppe di Marco
as Mick McFarlane
as Melanie Owen
as Sandra Di Marco
as Audrey Truman
as Dan Sullivan
as Ashley Cotton
as Margaret Walker
as Nicky Di Marco
as Nellie Ellis
as Fred Fonseca
as Matthew Rose
as Teresa Di Marco
as Jeff Healy
as Rosa Di Marco
as Gianni Di Marco
as Michael Rose
as Nina Harris
as Simon Raymond
as Lilly Mattock
as Louise Raymond
as Sarah Hills
as Saskia Duncan
as Lenny Wallace
as Tony Hills
as Mary Flaherty
as Alex Healy
as Huw Edwards
as Conor Flaherty
as Alice McMahon
as Ruth Fowler
as Sanjay Kapoor
as Neelam Kapoor
as Lorna Cartwright
as Tiffany Raymond
as Joanne Francis
as Nigel Bates
as George Palmer
as Gita Kapoor
as Polly Becker
as Ted Hills
as Billy Jackson
as Sharmilla Kapoor
as Felix Kawalski
as Alan Jackson
as Blossom Jackson
as Joe Wicks
as Diane Butcher
as April Branning
as Steve Elliot
as Willy Roper
as Maxine Palmer
as Debbie Bates
as Nadia Mitchell
as Richard Cole
as Shelley Lewis
as Jules Tavernier
as Rachel Kominski
as Etta Tavernier
as Celestine Tavernier
as Hattie Tavernier
as Della Alexander
as Aidan Brosnan
as Clyde Tavernier
as Mo Butcher
as Lloyd Tavernier
as Gill Fowler
as James Wilmott-Brown
as April McIntosh
as John Royle
as Ashraf Karim
as Barnsey Barnes
as Julie Cooper
as Paul Priestley
as Simon Wicks
as Shireen Karim
as Marge Green
as Sufia Karim
as Sohail Karim
as Matthew Jackson
as Mehmet Osman
as Guizin Osman
as Donna Ludlow
as Tom Clements
as Magda Czajkowski
as Mary Smith
as Tony Carpenter
as Hannah Carpenter
as Debbie Wilkins
as Lofty Holloway
as Cassie Carpenter
as Andy O'Brien
as Annie Palmer
as Irene Raymond
as Jackie Owen
as Jamie Mitchell
as Frank Butcher
as Rosie Miller
as Johnny Allen
as Garry Hobbs
as Liz Turner
as Becca Swanson
as Lucy Beale
as Shabnam Masood
as Bernadette Taylor
as Callum "Halfway" Highway
as Mitch Baker
as Stuart Highway
as Habiba Ahmed
as Iqra Ahmed
as Chantelle Atkins
as Gray Atkins
as Sheree Trueman
as Jags Panesar
as Kheerat Panesar
as Vinny Panesar
as Isaac Baptiste
as Suki Panesar
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It focuses on the lives of the inhabitants of Albert Square in the rough EastEnd of London. For the past 25 years, EastEnders has entertained audiences with dramatic storylines focusing on real life situations.

Show Info

Airs on:

BBC One, UK at 7:30 pm BST


30 min.


Returning Series


3.2/5 (5 ratings)

More Info: | IMDb | TheTVDB


Subtitles, Mistakes


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Tue Jun 16, 2020



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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Eastenders is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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