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Eastenders Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Jan 01, 2010A Muslim Celebrations (Part 1 of 2)
2Jan 01, 2010A Muslim Celebration (Part 2 of 2)
3Jan 04, 2010The Investigative Daughter
4Jan 05, 2010Mitchell Meltdown
5Jan 07, 2010The Coming and Going of Mitchells
6Jan 08, 2010Mum's Back
7Jan 11, 2010Digging Dirt
8Jan 12, 2010Bradley's Big Secret
9Jan 14, 2010Who Wants To Be A Mitchellare?
10Jan 15, 2010The New Queen
11Jan 18, 2010Roxy's In Charge
12Jan 19, 2010The Future Looks Bleak
13Jan 21, 2010The Mitchell That Time Forgot
14Jan 22, 2010Changes For The Bad
15Jan 25, 2010Branning and Son
16Jan 26, 2010Archie's Last Secret
17Jan 28, 2010Dead and Buried
18Jan 29, 2010The Second Time Around
19Feb 01, 2010Happily Married, Unless Your A Masood
20Feb 02, 2010Guilt
21Feb 04, 2010Uncle Billie
22Feb 05, 2010Welcome Back, Little Bruv
23Feb 08, 2010Zsa Zsa
24Feb 09, 2010The Mystery Conquest
25Feb 11, 2010Closing In
26Feb 12, 2010Run, Ronnie, Run
27Feb 15, 2010Comeback (Part 1 of 2)
28Feb 16, 2010Comeback (Part 2 of 2)
29Feb 18, 2010I Killed Archie (Part 1 of 2)
30Feb 19, 2010I Killed Archie (Part 2 of 2)
31Feb 22, 2010Masood 4 (Part 1 of 2)
32Feb 23, 2010Masood 4 (Part 2 of 2)
33Feb 24, 2010Kamil
34Feb 25, 2010Bad Habits
35Mar 01, 2010Max In Mourning
36Mar 02, 2010Whitney Dean On Gangs
37Mar 04, 2010Abortion
38Mar 05, 2010Goodbye Bradley
39Mar 08, 2010The Billie Jackson Crew
40Mar 09, 2010Battle For Power
41Mar 11, 2010When Two Mitchells Collide
42Mar 12, 2010Missing, Pesumed Dead
43Mar 15, 2010Keep It In The Family
44Mar 16, 2010A Deadly Fear
45Mar 18, 2010Little Louise Lost
46Mar 22, 2010My Daughter (Part 1 of 2)
47Mar 23, 2010My Daughter (Part 2 of 2)
48Mar 25, 2010Many Enemies
49Mar 26, 2010Slater Showdown
50Mar 29, 2010Attack On The Queen Vic
51Mar 30, 2010Desperate Measures
52Apr 01, 2010By The Bullet (Part 1 of 2)
53Apr 02, 2010By The Bullet (Part 2 of 2)
54Apr 05, 2010Centre Of Attention
55Apr 06, 2010Soldier, Soldier
56Apr 08, 2010Bad Brother
57Apr 09, 2010Hustle, Mitchell Style
58Apr 12, 2010Cleaning Mean Streets
59Apr 13, 2010Prince or Princess
60Apr 15, 2010Bully For Ben
61Apr 16, 2010Girl Power
62Apr 19, 2010Best of Enemies
63Apr 20, 2010Inpregnated
64Apr 22, 2010Rack Finale
65Apr 23, 2010Dark Truths
66Apr 26, 2010Friendless
67Apr 27, 2010Secret Admirer
68Apr 29, 2010Family Issues
69Apr 30, 2010Bloodthirsty
70May 03, 2010Money Troubles
71May 04, 2010Roxy On Wheels
72May 06, 2010R&F
73May 07, 2010Going It Alone
74May 10, 2010Masala Tambo
75May 12, 2010Masood On The Market
76May 13, 2010The Slippery Slope
77May 14, 2010Outcast
78May 17, 2010Where's Louise?
79May 18, 2010Angry Dad
80May 20, 2010The Wicked Ways of Ben Mitchell
81May 21, 2010Mitchell Justice
82May 24, 2010Phil Not To Be So Proud
83May 25, 2010Time For Some Answers
84May 27, 2010And Ben Makes Three
85May 28, 2010The Blame Game
86May 31, 2010What A Homecoming?
87Jun 01, 2010Scary Situations
88Jun 03, 2010By The Book
89Jun 04, 2010The Great Chase
90Jun 07, 2010Jodie Gold
91Jun 08, 2010Exams
92Jun 09, 2010Ben's Fate
93Jun 10, 2010Box of Tricks
94Jun 15, 2010The No-One Women
95Jun 18, 2010Stand By Me
96Jun 21, 2010Dangerouse Gameplaying
97Jun 23, 2010Here Comes Baby Branning
98Jun 25, 2010No Daddy
99Jun 30, 2010A Dangerous Deed
100Jul 01, 2010Owen Unearthed
101Jul 05, 2010Who Buried Owen?
102Jul 08, 2010Phil Mitchell: Superdad By Day
103Jul 09, 2010Protect The Child
104Jul 12, 2010Fox Killer
105Jul 13, 2010Dead Denise
106Jul 15, 2010The Prison Haircut
107Jul 16, 2010No More Pretending
108Jul 19, 2010Prisoner Cell Block M
109Jul 20, 2010Every Mitchell Has A Skeleton In Their Closet
110Jul 22, 2010All Alone
111Jul 23, 2010Alive and Captive
112Jul 26, 2010Best of Flatmates
113Jul 27, 2010A Social Visit
114Jul 29, 2010The End of Lucas
115Jul 30, 2010The Boy We Once Knew
116Aug 02, 2010Nightmare Reality
117Aug 03, 2010Unloving Son
118Aug 05, 2010Mother and Daughter: Together At Last
119Aug 06, 2010Back on The Booze
120Aug 09, 2010New Bad Habit
121Aug 10, 2010Crumbling Defences
122Aug 12, 2010Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat
123Aug 13, 2010Back In Control
124Aug 16, 2010Present Actions, Past Mistakes
125Aug 17, 2010Destroyed and Disowned
126Aug 19, 2010The Wisdom of Aunt Mitchell
127Aug 20, 2010Sam's Secret
128Aug 23, 2010Minty and the Prison Princess
129Aug 24, 2010Solace
130Aug 26, 2010A Difficult Task
131Aug 27, 2010Three's A Crowd
132Aug 30, 2010Mrs Butcher: Present and Ex
133Aug 31, 2010Who's The Daddy?
134Sep 02, 2010It's A Boy
135Sep 03, 2010True Colours
136Sep 06, 2010She's A Lady (Part 1 of 4)
137Sep 07, 2010Cold Turkey (Part 2 of 4)
138Sep 09, 2010Let It Burn (Part 3 of 4)
139Sep 10, 2010The Fall of A Queen (Part 4 of 4)
140Sep 13, 2010Gone Forever
141Sep 14, 2010Paternity Test
142Sep 16, 2010Phil's Empire
143Sep 17, 2010Under The Influence
144Sep 20, 2010Kat's Back
145Sep 21, 2010Six Months Later
146Sep 23, 2010The Main Man
147Sep 24, 2010Where It All Began
148Sep 27, 2010Back From America
149Sep 28, 2010Great Rivalry
150Sep 30, 2010American Boy
151Oct 01, 2010Birthday Romance
152Oct 04, 2010Queen Vic Historics
153Oct 05, 2010Sleeping With A Slater
154Oct 07, 2010I Choose Michael
155Oct 08, 2010Who's Julie?
156Oct 11, 2010A Morning of Mourning
157Oct 12, 2010Carol Goes Bang
158Oct 14, 2010Fresh Heartache
159Oct 15, 2010Secret Son
160Oct 18, 2010Fight Night (Part 1 of 2)
161Oct 19, 2010Fight Night (Part 2 of 2)
162Oct 21, 2010Playing Daddy
163Oct 22, 2010He's My Boy
164Oct 25, 2010Bye, Bye, Billie
165Oct 26, 2010The Beginning of The End
166Oct 28, 2010A Vixen Scorned
167Oct 29, 2010Railway Showdown
168Nov 01, 2010Deadly Experience
169Nov 02, 2010A Brave New Future
170Nov 04, 2010In The Moonlight
171Nov 05, 2010Battle of The Brides
172Nov 08, 2010Justice Will Be Done
173Nov 09, 2010A Wedding To Remember
174Nov 11, 2010Weddings and Renewals (Part 1 of 2)
175Nov 12, 2010Weddings and Renewals (Part 2 of 2)
176Nov 15, 2010Splashing The Cash
177Nov 16, 2010Stacey and Lauren
178Nov 18, 2010A New Investment
179Nov 22, 2010Man-Eater
180Nov 23, 2010Yusef
181Nov 25, 2010Charity Begins At Home
182Nov 26, 2010Frozen
183Nov 29, 2010The Big Bid
184Nov 30, 2010Stacey's Inner Demon
185Dec 02, 2010Loving Brother
186Dec 03, 2010Torn Between Two Lovers
187Dec 06, 2010Unlocking The Truth
188Dec 07, 2010A Close Shave
189Dec 09, 2010Secret Flings
190Dec 10, 2010Revenge Is A Three Letter Word
191Dec 13, 2010Jay Gets Mitchelled
192Dec 14, 2010The Second Generation
193Dec 16, 2010Stolen Goods
194Dec 17, 2010Bust At Christmas
195Dec 20, 2010It's Official
196Dec 21, 2010The Wheel of Lies
197Dec 23, 2010Pushed
198Dec 24, 2010One Year On (Part 1 of 2)
199Dec 25, 2010It Was You (Part 2 of 2)
200Dec 26, 2010Never To Be Seen Again
201Dec 27, 2010False Alarm
202Dec 28, 2010A Broken Mother
203Dec 30, 2010The Double Birth
204Dec 31, 2010Baby Swap
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It focuses on the lives of the inhabitants of Albert Square in the rough EastEnd of London. For the past 25 years, EastEnders has entertained audiences with dramatic storylines focusing on real life situations.

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Airs on:

BBC One at 7:30 pm BST


30 min.


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0/5 (0 ratings)

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Friday 11th August

Local Date:

Fri Aug 11, 2017

Local Time:

2:30 pm



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